Lovee Arum: Bob Arum’s Wife (Photos, Video)

September 2, 2010

Meet Lovee Arum she is Boxing Promoter Bob Arum’s fabulous wife. Is she also John Arum’s mother who was reported as missing and recently found dead, Find all you want to know about Mrs. Arum plus check out the photos and you so want to see the video below.

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Lovee Arum’s hubby is one big name in boxing, he is the owner of Top Rank (and Manny Pacquiao’s promoter), today he is also a father suffering over the mysterious disappearance of his son John Arum who is a great hiker and a lawyer with Ziontz Law Firm in Seattle. Lovee is by her Husband’s side when this terrible news was informed and flew with him to the place where a big group of hikers are looking for him.

As you all know Lovee is Mr. Arum’s third wife, like him she has also been married and used to be known as Lovee duBoef, which is the last name of daughter Dena and her son Todd, who as you know is very involved in his stepfather’s business.

Lovee got married in 1991, became Mrs. Arum and stepmother of John, Richard who is a professor at NYU and Elizabeth “Liz” who is also a teacher. Her name sounds foreign, can’t quite figure out its meaning or origin, but if it comes from love then Lovee’s parents were very certain about their daughter’s name.

It’s just that (Love) what makes this remarkable woman do all in her power to help those who have been forgotten by society. It was back in the late 60’s and early 70’s that she began to work with young girls who were in trouble and nobody seemed to care, it was how the Home of the Good Shepherd was founded and where Lovee worked not so long after she arrived to Las Vegas . She left her beloved California the state that saw her born, well actually Beverly Hills. Even after she got married her love and compassion for others didn’t stop, along with her husband their donations are spread all over.

Today her charity work is well known and she gets invited to host many charity events annually. Lovee Arum also raises funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s, which is why she became involved with Keep Memory Alive and let’s not forget her collaboration with the Nevada Cancer Institute as well as a financial executive at Morris A. Hazan

Besides her charities she found time to get involved in her hubby’s Top Rank, plus her own Ezeme LLC (company dedicated to buy, renovate and sell houses).

Lovee is a very elegant woman, which is why major fashion designers love her, like Diane  Von Furstenberg, check it out here.

On recent news we found out that Lovee’s stepson John’ body who was reportedly missing since last Sunday has been found, click here to read that full news, his lifeless body was lying a thousand of feets below where rangers found his day waistpack, but didn’t see him before due to snow but when the day of September 3rd became warmer the snow melted revealing the body of 49 years old Arum. It was not sure how he fell and it will take a bit longer for rangers to retrieved the body. We are deeply sorry to hear about this terrible news, our thoughts and prayers are with the Arum family and friends.

How would you like to express your condolences to Lovee Arum ad her husband? What can you tell us about Her? Check out the video and see the interesting friends Lovee’s hubby has in these photos below.

Bob Arum PhotoBob Arum picBob Arum Picture
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Photos: Ann Owen, Rick Rosen

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    Miriam Says:

    My prayers are with them, we have faith he will be found safe