Brenda Warner: Kurt Warner’s Wife (Photos, Video)

September 1, 2010

Brenda Warner is the utterly beautiful, sexy and fantastic wife of former NFL quarterback now Dancing With The Stars contestant Kurt Warner. Keep reading to know more about Brenda, her life, career, marriage and even more details that you didn’t know about her plus don’t miss the photos and video below.

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As you all probably know by now, Brenda Kurt’s husband is among the other fabulous contestants of Dancing With The Stars or DWTS as many of us call it right now, his dancing partner will be Chelsea Hightower. We are sure that Brenda will be cheering for her man since day one, like she always has been ever since they got married almost thirteen years ago.

Jenny and Larry Carney’s daughter Brenda Carney had been married and she was known as Brenda Carney Meoni mother of her little daughter Jesse and her son Zachary and who also was a United States Marine veteran. She never thought in 1993 that while at the Wild E. Coyote’s bar she went to, she would meet the man of her dreams, but it was meant to be that way, he was handsome, tall and muscular, but what would he sat if he finds out she was divorced and mother of two? She had to tell him.

“The first night we met, after we danced that night, I told him, ‘I just want you to know I am a divorced mother of two, so if I never hear from you again, I will understand.’ That’s the way it usually worked. The next morning, he showed up with a rose and wanted to meet the kids. He fell in love with the kids a lot sooner than he fell in love with me. He looked at us as three blessings instead of just one. I just kept waiting for the man that I deserved, and God blessed me with him”. Brenda Warner recalled.

Some say that Brenda was living on stamps, while he was a student at the University of Iowa who by day also worked as assistant coach on campus and at night was working at the Hy- Vee store. Three years after they met, Brenda lost her parents when a tornado destroyed their house in Mountain View, Arkansas killing them on April 14th, 1996.

It was a terrible thing that happened in her life, but she was prepared, her faith and love in God kept her going, it was what kept her strong when her former husband accidentally dropped their son Zachary  suffering permanent damage to his brain and blindness.

I remember sitting in the hospital room and doing everything that I knew to do: I claimed verses, I prayed with all of my heart, I believed for miracles. I did everything I knew to do and it was not happening. That shook my world and made me think, OK, maybe I am not supposed to understand everything, but I am supposed to have faith. I made the decision then that God had a plan for Zachary’s life, and I am still believing for healing, but I can also see this plan developing and I am just thrilled to be a part of it. It is not how I would have written it, but I am blessed to know that I get to be a part of his life and to see what God’s going to do with it.

A little more than a year after her parents’ death she got married, it was on October 11th, 1997 at St. John American Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa, her young children walked down the aisle with her. It was a beautiful wedding filled with her closest friends and family, but it was her children’s memory who stayed on everyone’s minds. The memory of watching Jesse dancing with her new stepfather, who she called daddy for the first time and Zach’s sweet voice when he sang at their wedding reception, who can resist that? Nobody certainly, Kurt couldn’t and just months after the wedding he adopted them.

Soon more children came and filled their home with even more joy, their  children are Kade and Elijah the older boys, then comes her daughter Jada and at the end the twins Sienna and Sierra.

Brenda Warner and her husband are known for their strong faith and love in God, and their amazing work with others in need, she is a fantastic woman, a beautiful wife and mother.

We might have the opportunity to see this terrific lady at DWTS. Her hair is no longer short, some said she didn’t look nice, I completely disagree she does look great, sophisticated her face is incredible, but if you can’t wait to see her until then you can see her in the photos and video below plus you can share with us your opinion about her with us.

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Photos:, Adriana M. Barraza

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