Brandon Spikes Sex Tape Video Scandal

August 28, 2010

Unfortunately, the Brandon Spikes sex tape scandal is proving to be quite embarrassing for the New England Patriots linebacker, and rightfully so. It’s not been confirmed that the man in the alleged sex tape is actually Brandon Spikes. Get more details of the story plus see photos and video below.

So how did this alleged Brandon Spikes sex tape surface? Someone offered up the alleged video to Deadspin, but at a price. $1500 to be exact.

The anonymous person sent Deadspin some screenshots of the alleged sex tape that was recorded on Chatroulette and the following email:

“I have uncovered a sex tape featuring a prominent 2nd rounder from this year’s NFL draft. He is well known and easily recognized, but quite frankly I don’t really want to mess up what he has going for him. That being said, there are two videos I have. One a few people have, but no one knows it is him, I recognized him immediately after watching it and confirmed through images on the web.”

Deadspin declined to pay for the sex tape video. We don’t post those naughty tapes here but you can find it pretty easily by doing a search for it, as it has already been making the rounds on the internet.

While some are arguing that it is not him in the vid, you can see a tattoo comparison thanks to the folks over at Huffington Post. Go ahead, click on that link and see for yourself. It’s a little difficult to see, but what do you think? Is that former Gators star Brandon Spikes in that alleged sex tape video?

Terry Watson, Spikes’ agent, said today – “It’s an embarrassing situation for Brandon. It certainly doesn’t reflect the kind of person that he is.” Is that an admission?

So what are your thoughts folks? Is there an alleged Brandon Spikes sex tape? You can see more photos plus video below.

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