Theodora Polamalu: Troy Polamalu’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 31, 2010

Theodora Polamalu is a fantastic and beautiful NFL WAG she is Troy Polamalu’s wife. What do you know about her? Does she also have that fantastic hair like her husband? What about her children? Keep reading to know more about her and don’t forget to check out the photos and video below.


Theodora Polamalu has some serious competition, she also has beautiful hair, but her husband’s was just recently insured at $1 Million by Head & Shoulders the company that since last year he has been a spokesmen for, but Theodora doesn’t care about that, she wants her marriage insured with a bigger deal. So what does make her deal so much better? Well, according to her hubby their religious  beliefs is what make their entire lives better.

25 year old Theodora Holmes, before she got married, is from California and is the younger daughter of Mike Holmes, a well known football player from the University of Michigan back in the 1970’s, and her mother Katina who is Greek , passed the passion over to her and to her big brother Alex Holmes from the Saint Louis Rams.

Theodora found herself  ever since she was little until her time in college  that like  her father, her big brother was very protective of her, but he knew his Trojans teammate was different and when he wanted to ask Theodora out on a date he helped him.

“So my brother called him with me on threeway, and Troy was like, ‘Yeah, I want to take you out. Want to go out?’ I said, ‘Yeah,’ and that was it,” Theodora Said.

She began dating him and fell quickly in love, which made his transfer to Pittsburgh (2003) very difficult for both, so she joined him a little later. Once in Pittsburgh she began studying Law at the University of Pittsburgh. The couple got engaged in 2004 and in January, 2005 they got married in  Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh.

Theodora Polamalu as she is known, after her hubby changed his last name – Aumuato is his momma’s maiden name. It was the last name her son Paisios will be known as when he gets older, her little boy was born on October 31st, 2008.

They spend their lives between their homes in California and Pittsburgh, in between they take time to help others and charities plus their own Harry Panos (Theodora’s grandfather a World War II veteran).

She really is amazing, isn’t she? We couldn’t find a picture of her, but you can see her right here. Share your comments with us and check out the photos and video below.


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