Maria Fernanda Mascherano: Javier Mascherano’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 31, 2010

Fernanda Mascherano is the beautiful Argentinean we know as Javier Mascherano’s wife, for the past year we have been hearing about the lovely Fernanda, let’s check out some more about her and don’t miss the photo and video below.

Javier Mascherano

Fernanda’s husband  is Argentina’s National Soccer team’s captain, for the past three years he has been with Liverpool, but today he along with his family starts a new phase with Barcelona, where his fellow Argentinean pal Messi plays and who might also be the Mascheranos new neighbor for the next four years.

So why are they moving to Spain? Apparently since last June we found out that Fernanda was not happy while at Liverpool, she flew to South America last summer  along with her daughter  and expecting their second baby (also a girl) and wouldn’t come back to England. It was also rumored that Fernanda was so eager to have her hubby transfer to Barcelona that she allegedly threatened to file for divorce if the transfer to Spain was not done, this is what they have been trying to do since last season. Either way if that is true or not, just on August 30th, 2010 after all the physical exams, Fernanda will be moving to Spain, So if people wonder who is the Jefecito now, you can say it is Mascherano, but Fernanda Mascherano.

According to the media, 25 year old Maria Fernanda Moreno got married to her longtime boyfriend in 2008. Her daughter Lola was born four years ago while her daddy was playing with Corinthians in Brazil,who took some time off to be with Fernanda when Lola was born, he had to leave his team once again, when newborn Lola was sick at the hospital. At age one she was with Fernanda when they were involved in a car accident in 2007 in Argentina, Thank God they were not injured.

Fernanda Mascherano and her two daughters will be joining the new Barcelona player in Spain soon. What do you think of her? What would you do  in her case? Take a look at the photos and video below.

Soccer WAG 1
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