Medicare Helps Smokers Quit

August 31, 2010

Medicare helps smokers quit the habit, but are these people who have already been smoking for several years now going to want to give up their daily nicotine fix? I know some who feel their time left on this earth is limited and want to do the things that make them happy. And yep, smoking is one of them. Read more about the Medicare Smoking Cessation program and what it will offer in order to help some of these folks curb their cravings for a smoke.


Sure, we know already that Medicare helps smokers quit by covering the drugs that help them stop, but now we’ll see an additional benefit to help these folks in their quest to no longer have that desire to light up.

Effective immediately, a smoker can have as many as eight counseling sessions in a year for those wanting to kick the nicotine habit.

Medicare’s chief medical officer, Dr. Barry Straube, said:

“The elderly can respond to smoking cessation counseling even if they have been smoking for 30 years or more. We do know we can see a reduction in the death rate and complications from smoking-related illnesses.”

I was surprised to learn that older smokers who decide on their own to quit have a better chance of succeeding than their younger counterparts. The percentage is higher for those who seek counseling during the course of their trying to kick the habit than for those who only sought medical help. Like some of the folks that I know, their thought process is more like, ‘who cares, I’ve been smoking forever, why bother?’

Sickness due to smoking has resulted in Medicare paying out billions of dollars a year. Wow! Stop smoking, people!!

Undoubtedly nicotine is addicting. I get that. First and foremost, like any other addiction, the person has to want to quit. You can try and convince someone till you’re blue in the face all the damage that smoking does to your body, but it won’t do a thing unless that person willingly wants to stop.

So what do you think? This new added benefit provided by Medicare to help smokers quit, will that prompt an older smoker to seek the help they need to kick the habit? Leave me your thoughts on the subject, and watch the video below. He’s got some valid points.


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