Dilenia Reynoso Hernandez: Ambiorix Burgos Wife (Photos, Video)

August 30, 2010

Dilenia Reynoso is a name that we might be hearing for the next couple of days, after all she is former New York Mets Ambiorix Burgos’ wife, not ex wife they are still married, but after continuous fights they separated. Was she allegedly kidnapped and almost killed by him? Who is Mrs. Ambiorix? Keep reading to find more answers plus check out the photos and video below.

MLB Wife 1

Dilenia’s husband is the 26 year old former pitcher for the New York Mets from The Dominican Republic. He has had some interesting encounters with the law, you might remember the first one we heard regarding legal trouble allegedly involving women, not Ms. Reynoso but two other Dominican woman who died (the women’s name are Josefina Minaya Martínez and Angelys Faña) after the former MLB player allegedly hit them with his car (Hummer) in his natal Dominican Republic. After that he drove off. Last year we found out that he was in trouble again with a certain girlfriend identified as María López, she claimed that he allegedly hit, slapped and bit her in a hotel in New York, back in September 2008. She added that when the incident happened he told her that the police was not going to mess with him, since he was a famous baseball player.

The incident took place when she was trying to leave the hotel room and just one month after he had gotten married to Ms. Reynoso, who when the news was released, wrote a letter saying he was a good husband. Jeez!!

From this last incident he was convicted to spend 9 months in jail, some news from his sentence about his hit and run case were released, something about his cousin telling the judge that he allegedly was the one who drove the car were rumored and that he was sentenced to pay a certain amount of money and to be in court once a week. We hoped this would be his last, but it looks like that for him it wasn’t enough trouble to straighten his life.

Just last week he allegedly kidnapped Dilenia Reynoso Hernandez, not before he started to send her alleged death threats. Dilenia is a pretty 26 years old Dominican Republic woman residing in Nueva Nagua who received death threats from her former husband. Afraid, she found a place to hide in a prosecutor’s home identified as Agustina Castillo who apparently is also Dilenia’s sister in law.

It was there and when the prosecutor was not at home  on Thursday August 26th at exactly 9:00 p.m where he arrived with a gun and allegedly forced Dilenia out of the house and into his car. Once in the car he allegedly hit her in her face and body.

Subsequently he forced her to allegedly drink poison known as tres pasitos (Three little steps) apparently used to kill rats, he was intercepted driving his white hummer by the police at a pay toll heading to Santo Domingo.

Dilenia Reynoso was found almost unconscious with visible concussions on her mouth and other parts of her face and body she was rushed to the hospital where she was treated and released 8 hours later, at the moment she is recovering at her home in Nueva Nagua feeling depressed and having sight problems.

Dilenia and her brother Jose Reynoso Hernandez pressed charges against the athlete (Kidnapping and attempt to murder), who was still in jail in Nagua known as La Fortaleza Olegario Tenares where he will stay as a preventive measure for the next three months, but if found guilty he could stay there for over 30 years.

Would you like to express your thoughts about this story? To Dilenia Reynoso? Check out the photos and video below where you can see Dilenia talking about the horrible nightmare she just went through that night, she kept saying that he needs a doctor and that she doesn’t understand why he didn’t because she knows he loves her (talk about rough love).

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Dilenia Reynoso Hernandez

*The Woman in these Pictures is not Dilenia Reynoso

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