Fed-X Defeats John Cena In His Professional Wrestling Debut

January 2, 2007

Rap sensation turned pro wrestler, Kevin Federline (formerly known as Mr. Spears), shocked the wrestling world Monday night in his first official match by beating WWE super star John Cena.

An article at Starpulse News Blog says~

The aspiring rapper claimed victory at Miami, Florida’s American Airlines Arena on Monday night, and at one point he managed to get Cena, one of wrestling’s biggest names, into a headlock and a Masterlock/Full Nelson, according to MTV.com.

Federline won the bout when Cena’s wrestling rival UMAGA entered the ring and attacked Cena with a championship belt. As the Federline-Cena match was set up as a no-disqualification fight, Umaga’s intrusion was deemed “fair play” – allowing Federline to claim victory.

Federline says, “I did shock the world when I beat John Cena. Cena, I can see you. You can’t see me.”


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2 Responses to “Fed-X Defeats John Cena In His Professional Wrestling Debut”

  1. 1
    Susan Says:

    If that doesn’t prove it’s all acting, what does?

  2. 2
    Joe Citizen Says:

    Susan-BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!-Wrestling is real- and they ain’t gay either!!!!!!!!!! Ha, ha, ha!!!