Renee Edgar: Frankie Edgar’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 30, 2010

Renee Edgar is UFC Champion Frankie Edgar’s beautiful and lovely wife. She also happens to be a lovely woman, wife and mother. Keep reading to know more about Renee and don’t forget to check out the photo and videos below.

Renee Edgar

Renee Edgar’s hubby retained his title at UFC 118 when he defeated BJ Penn, for his lovely wife and his kids he was already a champion. Many people have seen Renee at some of his fights, or maybe her pictures along with her famous husband, but what do you really know about the fantastic Mrs. Edgar? Well let’s check her out!!

Renee Edgar, like her MMA hubby, is 28 years old and a resident from Toms River, New Jersey where she stills lives. Some say that she met her boyfriend in high school, Toms River North High School where he studied and where her little sister in law Gina graduated last year, but we can’t confirm that, but wait we can they were high school sweethearts having actually met in kindergarten.

She got married in April 2008, some recall that he just lost to Gray Maynard at UFC 113 a few days before, if he was left with a remorseful memory after that fight their wedding certainly vanished those bitter memories from his head and even more when the young couple got to spend their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Not long after their beautiful wedding and honeymoon Renee found out that she was pregnant. In October she found out that she was having a baby boy who was born in January 2009. They named him Francesco, she expected to wait a while for her second baby, but before little Francesco’s first birthday Renee found out that she was pregnant again, even better it was that her son was going to have a little brother to play with. She gave birth to little Santino James in May 2010.

Renee Edgar is a fantastic mother, beloved wife, terrific sister, daughter and loyal friend. She is among MMA’s sexiest WAGS, don’t you think she is amazing? Check out Renee Edgar’s photos and video below.

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Renee Edgar Pictures

Renee Edgar Video

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