Judy Murray: Andy Murray’s Mother (Photos, Video)

August 29, 2010

Judy Murray is Andy Murray’s fantastic mother, find out all you need to know about Judy and check out the photos and video below.

Judy Murray’s son is a famous tennis player in the UK and the world, for many years we have seen Judy’s important role in her son’s career, after all sports is no Twilight Zone for her, ever since she was a little girl sports has been a regular in her daily life.

She was born Judy Erskine in Dunblane in Stirling, Scotland to Shirley and Roy Erskine the former Scottish football player for Cowdenbeth Football Club and Stirling Albion. Judy proved that she was a keen tennis player ever since she was very young, at age 17 she turned professional, part of the Dunblane Tennis Club and she became Scotland’s number 1 tennis player and the winner of over 64 titles. After she ended her career  as a tennis player she went to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland where she studied French, German and Business.

When she got married to Willie Murray and became Judy Murray, mother of Jamie (February 13th, 1986) and Andy (May 15, 1987) she turned her full attention to her boys. She separated from Willie 12 years after her youngest son was born.

The children went to live sometimes with their father and the other with Judy, who at that time was trying to make a living as a tennis coach, so her children were taken to her mother’s house.

Aware of her young children’s talent in tennis Judy Murray became their coach (even to this day even though she is not coaching them anymore she watches over them and helps them in their training, they give her a lot of credit for their success). In 2007 she coached at the Lawn Tennis Association aka LTA, but when she realized the Association didn’t do their best to help their students, she made two difficult decisions, first to send Andy to Spain, where he would be trained and became successful, and created her own Academy.

Today Judy Murray, continues to be a tennis coach at Caesarean Tennis Club and is and forever will be a loyal supporter and fan for her two sons. And if you are wondering how does she manage being a mother in-law? I can tell you that she adores Ms. Sears (Andy’s girlfriend) you can see their picture cheering for him together right here.

Judy is considered by many as a great coach for her two sons, others say she is pushy. I think she is wonderful, but what do you think? Check out the photos and video below.

Judy Murray Video

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