Angie Toney: UFC James Toney’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 27, 2010

Have you met the boxer and UFC wrestler James Toney’s wife? Her name is Angie Toney she is a beautiful woman, wife and mother of Six gorgeous children. Keep reading to know more about Angie, her life, children and so much more plus check out the photos and video below.

James Toney 1 2

Angie Toney’s husband is a well known superweight champion boxer, he started his career as a heavyweight boxer five years ago and just this year he became Dana White’s newest member. His debut will be on August 28th at UFC 118 against Randy Couture, We’ll see how that goes, we think that his lovely wife might be getting a bit nervous, but she also knows the great fighter her hubby is. Surprisingly he is a totally different man at home a “teddy Bear” in Angie’s words.

"James is the tough guy when he’s doing his work, and they understand that. But we get the big teddy bear at home. … But boxing, that’s his other side."

Certainly this big bear side Angie described is not what a photographer perceived after he took a picture of Angie Toney with her baby Jaden on her lap. He was later confronted by the 237 pound boxer now MMA fighter, who also took his camera.

So what do we know about Mrs. Toney, besides the fact that she is gorgeous? she is the proud mother of 6 gorgeous children, her little son Jaden  is her sixth child. He was born three years ago on May 21st, 2007 and weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce. Any info on Angie’s older children? Do you know?

There are also some people saying that Angie and “Lights Out” are no longer married, but we can’t confirm that, Do you happen to know something about that as well? Check out the photos and video below, the girl in this picture is not Angie Toney, but you can see her photo right here. What do you think – picture perfect?

UFC Girl

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Photos: Eddy, Rachel Worth

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