Deidre “Dee Dee” Pujols: Albert Pujols Wife (Photos, Video)

August 27, 2010

Meet the beautiful, talented and kind Deidre Pujols aka Dee Dee Pujols, she is MLB Cardinals’ first baseman Albert Pujols’ wife. Find out all you need to know about her, her children, cooking, foundation and so much more plus check out Deidre Pujols’ photos and videos below.

Well as you all might know Deidre Pujols hubby recently hit his 400th homerun becoming the 47th player to do so, we all were so happy for him certainly Deidre along with her beloved children were happier. So who really is the fabulous Deidre Pujols? Because she really is fabulous, outstanding, beautiful, a loving wife and mother.

In 1998 Deidre or Dee Dee as she likes to be called met her famous hubby when she was just 21 years old. He was 18 but he told her he was 21. By that time she was the single mother of Isabella who was born with Down’s Syndrome, as a young single mother to face this reality was not easy, but as a Christian she knew she was not going to fight for her lovely daughter alone, God was at her side, and soon the love and support of a great man filled her and little Isabella’s life with laughter. She went out  dancing to the Salsa Club in Kansas with friends when she met the baseball player, it wasn’t easy to start a relationship at that point especially with Isabella in her life, but he welcomed them both in his life with an open heart and then there was no turning back. She had fallen in love with a wonderful, handsome, loving and simply spectacular man. On January 1st, 2000 she got married and became Deidre Pujols and four years later Isabella also became a Pujol when her stepdaddy now daddy adopted her.

But before she became Mrs. Pujols she was Dee Dee Corona from Roeland Park, Kansas City, daughter of an Irish/American mother and Mexican/ American dad, she also has a younger brother. She was a great softball, soccer and baseball player in high school and sadly an injury kept her from continuing to play. After high school she went to Kansas City University, she managed her studies, her job and her social life. It was during that time she met some guy and got pregnant, she didn’t want to get married or continue to see him whatsoever, but she was keeping her baby.

Her life changed, she began to choose her friends better, and soon the day when her baby would be born came and it was there at Midwestern hospital where she she welcomed that cute little girl and she became aware of her medical condition.

"God spoke to me. He comes with such a still, small voice and so peaceful. I remember Him telling me that Bella had Down’s Syndrome. And that was it. It wasn’t like, ‘It’ll be OK,’ but I knew it would." Dee Dee said.

Dee Dee welcomed her son Albert Jr in 2002, Sophia in November, 2005 and little baby boy Ezra this past May. They reside at their house in St. Louis County. Besides being an amazing mommy and wife, Dee Dee, along with her hubby founded their own Pujols Foundation created  in 2005. They described their foundation’s purpose as "the love, care and development of people with Down’s syndrome and their families," plus she also became involved in raising funds to help women and children in need in the Dominican Republic, her hubby’s natal country and a country she has become very fond of and their food. That is why she became a great Dominican cuisine chef and created her cookbook/calendar to share with others, her passion for the Dominican food. The funds went to her foundation, Deidre also created her website Deidre and hr hubby renewed their vows this January when they were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

Dee Dee Pujols is a true inspiration and their marvelous effort  helps millions of children and women all over the world, It was amazing to find out about this beautiful MLB Wife. You can see her picture along with her hubby here or there are more of her below.

"We have never forgotten our past or those who are truly in need. I believe we are put on this earth for a purpose. I believe God has blessed us with our unique circumstances for a specific reason. ‘Faith, Family and Others’ is so much more than a mission statement to me. I feel it’s my calling." Deidre Said.

What do you think of Dreidre? Share your comments with us and don’t miss the photos and video below.

Deidre “Dee Dee” Pujols Video

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