Leot Chen: PGA Vaughn Taylor’s Sexy Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

August 27, 2010

Have you met the utterly sexy Leot Chen? She is PGA golfer Vaughn Taylor super sexy Girlfriend! So let’s find out more about Leot Chen, pretty cool name, don’t you think? Don’t miss her photo and videos below.

PGA wife

When media started to find out about Leot Chen, they said that Elin Nordegren is definitely not the only hottie on the golf course, and we couldn’t agree more, she is a stunner. Her boyfriend is in the lead at the Barclays, but he is not alone Tiger is in the lead with him. Leot is also by his side, would this be the year for this 34 year old PGA Golfer from Virginia to claim the title? We will found out about that soon, for now let’s find out more about his lovely, sexy lady Leot.

Whether she is his girlfriend or wife it doesn’t change the fact that she is a PGA WAG and a very good looking one, no wonder she, just like many of the other beautiful Golf wives found themselves on The Daily Beast’s Golf’s 18 Sexiest WAGs list, they described her as the golfer’s wife while some others say she is his girlfriend. Also there are a number of sources that say she is just his friend, we couldn’t find any reliable source that show that they actually have gotten married, but anyways, check out Leot Chen’s Picture here.

Leot was among other wags at the PGA Tour Wives  for charity event, where their husbands or boyfriends served as their caddies. She also participated at the Avon Foundation’s Walk the Course Against Domestic Violence Event. About her, we know so little, she lives in Miami – at least she was in April, and he credits her for bringing so much into his life, her great sense of humor, love, positive attitude and strength has helped him overcome difficult times throughout his career.

What do you know about Leot Chen? Is she a PGA wife or girlfriend? Do you think she is sexy? We can’t wait to see your comments and you sure don’t want to miss the photos and video below.

PGA wife 1PGA wife 1 2

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Sexy PGA Girls Video

*Note** The girls in these pictures are not Leot Chen.

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