Dr. Wendy Chapman: Harlequins’ Bloodgate Doctor (Photos, Video)

August 26, 2010

Dr. Wendy Chapman got herself in one hell of a mess, for quite some time she will be remembered as the Harlequins’ Bloodgate Doctor, but exactly what happened that day? Did she really cut the player’s lip? Is she going to get charged or banned? Keep reading to know the rest of this story and find out more about Dr. Wendy Chapman plus don’t miss the photos and video below.

Emergency Doctor

46 year old Dr. Wendy Chapman lives a quiet and normal life along with her husband at their home in Sevenoaks, Kent. She was diagnosed with Breast cancer, she is now recovering from her surgery. Dr. Chapman is an emergency and accident consultant at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in Maidstone, Kent in England.

Wendy Chapman was suspended since last September from duty without pay, after she admitted to cutting Tom Williams’ lip, winger for the rugby team the Harlequins after he bit a fake blood capsule to simulate an injury that would help his team win the match. Her suspension would remain until the next hearing where she could be clear of all charges. The General Medical Council said she didn’t act in the winger’s best interest.

Just last month charges of conspiracy against her were dismissed by the disciplinary committee, but now a different story had been written and her future took a different twist. Her career would be tainted for a long time if not forever. Many feel sympathy for her and think that she should be able to practice again.

"My feelings I suppose for Dr Chapman revolved around the aftermath. Perhaps her career and reputation has suffered a lot more. Rugby will get over it, no problem. When all the punitive hearings are over, rugby will learn from this."

When it was time for the rugby player to give his statement he said he asked Wendy to cut his lip, she didn’t want to, but he insisted. He was afraid they would find out that he wasn’t injured that the fluid coming out from his mouth was not really blood.

“I do remember that she was not happy about it. We were both anxious and the atmosphere was extremely tense. I believe that Wendy pulled down my lip and attempted to cut it with a scalpel. Wendy was initially too gentle, and needed to try again to open a cut. When she tried again there was no need for stitches as it was a clean cut. Dr Chapman was initially completely against it and then, as I explained I was agitated and nervous, I think she came around to the idea and reluctantly went along with it,” The Harlequin winger said.

When asked about the bleeding she allegedly said there was definitely bleeding and added that he had a loose tooth.

Her suspension came first when her involvement in this incident was revealed, but thee is a great chance she will come out well from this incident. It was rumored that she said that she never said anything about a loose tooth, at first the player said that he was going to say he cut himself, so she would not be harmed, but afterward he decided to come forward. Wendy was not happy about his decision or so he claimed, she wasn’t happy about it, at the end she did admit she cut his lip adding that she felt ashamed for giving into the player’s request and pressure.

What do you think about Wendy Chapman and her involvement with this incident? How long do you think she will be called the Harlequin’ bloodgate doctor? Check out the photos and video below.

Bloody Lip
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Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/blhphotography/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/24995357@N03/

*Note*the people in these pictures are not Wendy Chapman or The Harlequins Winger.

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