Jessica Kastrop: German Sports Reporter (Photos, Video)

August 26, 2010

Jessca Kastrop is one sexy German Sports reporter, who better watch out for soccer balls flying to her head, Was that the first time it happened to her? What else do we know about her? In what other areas does she work as a reporter? Television Presenter? Does she have a boyfriend? Find more about the beautiful Jessica Kastrop here plus check out her photos and videos below. We have also include dthe video of her getting hit in the head, poor girl!

So for many of us outside Germany Jessica Kastrop was a total stranger or allow me to rephrase that a sexy stranger, but it was that terrible incident in August 2010 when she got nailed in the head with a soccer ball while she was covering the game between Stuttgart and Mainz for Sky Sports. This is where we got a glance of this stunning German reporter, sure it wasn’t the nicest or the best way to see her for the first time, but we are sure glad to finally meet her since she is really HOOOOT!!

So what can we learn about Jessica? Well we are going to fill you in with a little biography about her so you won’t remember her just by the reporter who got hit in the head. The sneaky ball was kick by Khalid Boulahrouz (ex-Chelsea) who later approached and apologized to Jessica, but let me tell you a little secret. Five years ago she was also hit by a ball and also in the head.

Let’s begin by telling you that Jessica Kastrop was born in June 1974 (36 years old) in Saarbruken, Germany. She was surrounded by soccer ever since she was born, her birth was during the opening week of the 1974 World Cup held in Germany, who also won the World Cup for the second time (the first was in 1954). Her family celebrated her birth while watching the Cup literally. Sports was in her genes so it was pretty obvious she would grow up to be involved in them. And so it was before she reached 20 she was already a sports reporter, her career now makes a total of 16 years in the field.

Her first work experience (sort of) was when she was a trainee at The Palatine, the famous German Newspaper while she was studying Journalism at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany where she graduated in 2000.

She also became a sports writer at the Bild Newspaper and covered the 2006 World Cup with Sky, (aka Premiere AG before July, 2009) but I bet you are dying to hear about her first incident involving getting hit in the head, right?

Alright then, let’s talk about that painful incident Jessica remembers with pain, but also with pride. It was one her first appearances reporting live at her new job. It was in March 2005 at the game between Rot Weiss Ahlen and Wacker Burghausen when she got hit and even got to stay at the hospital for the night, Ouch Jessica!!

In 2008 she became the host for Sky Fiction, Sky magazine and ultimately Sky Lounge since last year. She also is the host for German Telekom in their own T-Home Lounge, the Herbert Awards and N-Tv (RTL Group). Unfortunately about her romantic life we couldn’t find anything, but perhaps you do know something about her boyfriend or husband? What do you think of Jessica Kastrop? Check out he photos and video below.

Jessica Kastrop hit by a ball on the head Video

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    Miriam Says:

    She got kicked on the head twice?? OMG Poor Jessica