NFL New England Patriots Cheerleader Tryouts

March 11, 2008

There were 300 women donning very little clothing at the Dana-Farber Field House next to Gillette Stadium to try out for next years New England Patriot cheerleading squad.

The women were first vying for one of the 75 spots available in the final tryout before making one of the 24 spots on the squad. Women came from all over the northeast, including Rhode Island and Maine ranging in age from 18 to 28.

Judges scored the routines on dance ability, showmanship, overall appearance and physical fitness.

The Patriot cheerleaders “overall appearance and physical fitness” came under fire not too long ago when they were accused of distracting the other teams with their, umm, routines. In response, the NFL sent a memo to all 32 teams warning them not to “distract the opposition with warm-ups, stretching or anything else that might take the players’ minds off the game.” Unbelievable. But by the looks of some the ladies in the pictures below, maybe they really have that power.

You can see lots more pictures of possible future distractors trying out below.

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One Response to “NFL New England Patriots Cheerleader Tryouts”

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    Kaitlyn Andre Says:

    I was just wondering on when the cheerleading tryouts were going to be held for 2009 season?