Tabitha Furyk: Jim Furyk’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 25, 2010

Meet Tabitha Furyk she is PGA golfer Jim Furyk’s wife. Would you like to know more about her? What did she say when her husband was disqualified from the Barclays for oversleeping? Also, check out Tabitha Furyk’s photos and video below.

Tabitha Furyk

Tabitha Furyk Picture

So as you know Tabitha Furyk’s husband has been into golf ever since he was a little boy, his father was into the sport as well and probably wouldn’t be so happy if he heard that his son was out of the Barclays because the alarm clock set on his cell didn’t work because it ran out of battery, probably Tabitha wasn’t happy about it either, but what do we know about her? Who is Tabitha Furyk?

Sadly there isn’t much information about her, besides the info about her marriage to the famous golfer and the fact that she is the proud mother of two gorgeous children. Tabitha’s eldest Caleigh Lynn was born in 2002 and two years later in 2004 her son Tanner James was born.

We sure have seen her many times on the golf course, sometimes even in the company of other famous Golf wives and girlfriends. As you can see in the picture below she is with a former golf wife, she also was among The Daily Beast’s Golf 18’s sexiest WAGS and she sure deserved that title, Tabitha indeed is gorgeous, check her out right here along with her hubby.

Tabitha’s incredible good looks also got her a spot on’s Hottest Women on Tour List. You can see for yourself right here. But she is not just a pretty face, she is an amazing wife, mother and person. Along with the PGA Tour Wives Association (where she has been a member for over 15 years now) she helped raise funds for many charities, plus she works closely with PedsCare since she is also a committee member. This event received the attendance of other famous golfer and their families.

What can you tell us about her? Do you know any other information about her? Check out the Tabitha Furyk’s photos and videos below.

Tabitha Furyk photo

Tabitha Furyk Pictures

Photos: Carrie Devorah

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