Evelyn Lozada: Chad Ochocinco’s ‘Ultimate Catch’?

August 25, 2010

VH1 may not be very happy, but it seems that Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco are. The football start can’t keep his love to himself and is incessantly tweeting about their relationship. Could this spell trouble for their reality TV careers though? All the details, including photos and video, are below.

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The Cincinnati Bengal is currently airing a show called ‘The Ultimate Catch,’ where he is trying to pick a girlfriend out of 85 hopefuls. We haven’t seen the finale yet, but with his big mouth it is kind of ruined! He may find himself on a fellow VH1 series with his love though!

That’s right; his girlfriend of a couple months is a star on another VH1 show ‘Basketball Wives.’ She is the former fiancé of Antoine Walker. Their season is currently filming in Miami, and since neither of them can keep things quiet I wouldn’t be surprised to see Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco appear on that show.

The music channel is refusing to give any details and it seems like they are in shock, or denial. It is kind of crazy to have two of your reality stars possibly breaching their contracts. When they were asked about the situation they said:

“We cannot comment on possible story lines regarding series currently airing or in production.”

So it seems this will be the only season of the athlete and ‘Dancing With the Stars’ alum’s dating show. I am not sure of any action will be taken by VH1 or not, but I’m sure we will hear soon.

What do you think about Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco dating and how they broke the news? Does VH1 have any contract action they can take? Let me know what you think in the comment section after you check out these photos and video.

Evelyn Lozada  2 Evelyn Lozada  3 Evelyn Lozada  4 Evelyn Lozada  5 Chad Ochocinco  2 Chad Ochocinco  3

Photos: www.wenn.com/Johnny Louis, Nikki Nelson, Aruna Gilbert, HRC

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