Former UFC Fighter War Machine: Jail!

August 24, 2010

Have you ever wondered what happened to the former UFC fighter War Machine? Jail is what happened! Get the scoop below.


I’ll tell you what really irks me about this whole thing. Ever since I was little I’ve always known that when I grew up I was going to have four children – Ana, Jen, Jon, and War Machine. Now this clown has left a permanent smudge on the noble name of one of my nonexistent children. You can only imagine how terribly upset I was this evening when I heard this news.

Here’s a summary of how it all went down.

It wasn’t too long ago that Mr. Machine – yes, this is his lawful name – got into two separate altercations. One of them took place at a bar in Point Loma, while the other happened at a bar in Pacific Beach. Soon after he was arrested, and began serving time while awaiting his sentence. This leads us to today when the mixed-martial arts fighter plead guilty to assault charges, for which he was ordered by the court to continue serving a year in county jail and placed on three years’ probation, according to reports.

This is what War Machine (born Jon Koppenhaver) had to say about the mess he got himself into:

“I made some stupid mistakes in my life a few times… I’m not a bad person… I just want to do my time, pay my debt and get on with my life.”

Readers, what do you think about a trained fighter getting into physical altercations with people who have never been trained in MMA. It’s kind of like an illiterate person facing off against a brainiac in a spelling bee, right? Share your thoughts with us in our comment section. Also, check out pictures and a video below.


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