Inkster Disqualified: Doughnut Violation

August 23, 2010

By now you have probably seen the headlines of ‘Juli Inkster Disqualified’ from the Safeway Classic in North Plains, Oregon on Saturday. All because of a little doughnut. Get more details here plus photos and a video below.

Inkster was on her way to possibly becoming the oldest player (she’s 50) to win a tourney on the tour. That was denied for Inkster. Disqualified because she used a ‘doughnut’ (a weighted device that is placed on the club) while warming up at the 10th hole, all thanks to a viewer’s watchful eye.

The viewer noticed Inkster had used the weighted device during some practice shots while at the 10th hole. He wasted no time and called the tourney officials – bada boom bada bing… Inkster disqualified.

Sue Witter, the LPGA rules official said:

“I didn’t see her put it on, but you see her swing it a couple of times and then you see her walk over and take it off.”

“The rules staff here made the decision on the rule and we took it one step further and called the USGA, We would have loved to have some wiggle room on that. But it’s pretty cut and dried. Being the professional she is, there wasn’t much to say once the decision was read.”

Obviously the California born Inkster was surprised of her disqualification and was bummed with the decision. “I had a 30-minute wait and I needed to loosen up. It had no effect on my game whatsoever, but it is what it is. I’m very disappointed.”

With Inkster disqualified on Saturday, it comes on the heels of Dustin Johnson’s bunker fiasco penalty the weekend before in Wisconsin that cost him a PGA Championship win. I know…rules are rules. I get it.

So readers, what are your thoughts on Juli Inkster disqualified because she used a doughnut on her club during some practice swings? Leave ‘em in the comments section but don’t forget to check out the photos and video below as well.

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