Elizabeth Cena: WWE John Cena’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 22, 2010

Elizabeth Cena is WWE John Cena’s beautiful wife. She likes to keep a low profile while her famous hubby takes the spotlight, but in our story the spotlight is all on her, so let’s find out more about her plus check out Elizabeth Cena’s photos and video below.

Elizabeth Cena
Elizabeth Cena Picture

Elizabeth Cena’s hubby is one of the best WWE wrestlers, not to mention one of the hottest, but don’t be fooled by the hard, muscular exterior – inside is a kind, loving man with a heart of gold. This man is Elizabeth’s guy, her loving hubby, high school sweetheart and best friend.

So what about her? Ok! Elizabeth Huberdeau (before getting married) was born in Groveland, Massachusetts on September 28th, 1979 making this her age 30 years old (almost two years younger than her hubby). Elizabeth has two brothers.

She met her wrestler stud in high school and they started dating ever since, she supported him when he decided to try his luck in California when nobody supported his decision and when she knew that they would be living in his car and very low on cash.

And so it was at age 18 Elizabeth was living in his 1991 Lincoln Continental with just $500 for quite some time.

When Elizabeth turn 27 years old they celebrated with a great party among friends and family, but the biggest surprise came when her longtime boyfriend got on one knee and proposed, that was back on September, 2007. Check out Liz Showing off her engagement ring here.

And on July 11th, 2009 she got married in Boston, Massachusetts and people began to know her as Elizabeth Cena. Today she enjoys her life as a married woman, in sunny Florida. They don’t have any children…yet.

What do you think of Elizabeth Cena? Do you know any more information about her? Check out Elizabeth’s photos and video below.

Elizabeth Cena 1 2 3Liz Cena 1Elizabeth Cena 1 2 3 4Elizabeth Huberdeau 1
Elizabeth Cena Pictures

Elizabeth Cena Video

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26 Responses to “Elizabeth Cena: WWE John Cena’s Wife (Photos, Video)”

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  1. 1
    1234 Says:

    Hi there i think some of your info on your report is un accurate. 2 brothers? i dont think so
    Please if your going to credit/insult the lady, get your info striaght

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    I think Liz described some guys on her pics at her Myspace page as her “brother” and then my “other brother”, so perhaps she does has brothers, anyways she is really pretty and she and John make an awesome couple, I love to see this kind of couples so in love.

  3. 3
    Monica Says:

    dam it….cena….omg i been wanna be the bride but 2 bad 4 me….anyway liz is koooool…so njoy life bro…i will be watching wwe raw….and a close eye on u….

  4. 4
    Miriam Says:

    LOL Monica I agree with you, he is so hot, Liz is a Lucky girl!

  5. 5
    georgia lockegeorgia Says:

    I think it is fate that brought john cena and his wife together. I know it was a blessing from god that his wife stood by him from age 18 to now age 30 when they had very hard times and is with him today.May the good lord bless them and hopefully they have set a good example of what love is built on.

  6. 6
    brianna Says:

    I am happy for elizabeth and john cena!!!!<3 i still love john cena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  7. 7
    Prince Says:

    May God Bless This Sweet and cute people, They look like they are made for each other.

  8. 8
    cc Says:

    not a big fan of cena but is happy for him. i`m not being mean but i don`t think she is pretty at all. she looks like plain jane. i seen the pictures of her and doesn`t appear she has much class. it appears that cena is much like her meaning he is too wild. maybe it will last being that they are alike.

  9. 9
    ashlyn Says:

    liz cena is a b…. cena is my man and if i ever see her i will have my gun handy yeha i said it

  10. 10
    kessia Says:

    i love you john cena

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