Man Lived In Library For Two Weeks!

August 21, 2010

After about 2 weeks of hiding out in rows of books in New Jersey a custodian found Charles Jones Jr. This man lived in a library, and found a way to survive! For more on this bizarre story, including a video, keep reading below the photo.

Library  1

The 26 year old was camping out in the Ocean Township Library basement, enjoying books, computers and food from the employee break room. Unfortunately it is illegal and police took him out.

The man lived in the library happily for a couple weeks, but now he is being charged with burglary and theft. The Neptune police were called as soon as the custodian noticed the man peeking through window in the basement after closing time. I am not sure what will happen to him, but I am sure he won’t return to this place again.

You have to give him credit for being creative. Who would have thought of this public institution as a perfect “home?” Homelessness is quite an epidemic in America, and sometime they need somewhere to hide out. I wonder where else these unfortunate people have found to live temporarily.

There are some great efforts going on to help the homeless find proper places to stay and good food to eat. This Sunday, August 22nd, YouTube will focus on their plight by using their homepage to focus on those that usually get forgotten. The effort is being led by a blogger from the Huffington Post, who has always tried to help this cause. Be sure to check that out!

As for the man who lived in the library basement, his future is a little questionable. Do you think he should get a little leniency? Have you heard of any other intriguing “hideouts” for the homeless? Let me know in the comment section below, after you check out this video.

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