WWE Melina: Sexy Wrestler Biography (Photos, Video)

August 21, 2010

WWE Diva Meilna aka Melina Nava Perez is one of the most successful female wrestlers in the WWE, but not only is Melina one hell of a wrestler she is super sexy too, how can you resist this Hottie? Since we both agree there is no way to resist her. Let’s find out more about Melina and don’t miss her photos and video below.

WWE Diva Melina

WWE Melina

It looks like once again the exotic Latinos are driving everyone crazy, famous for their voluptuous bodies, sassy walking and warm personalities, Latinos are finding their way in everyone’s hearts. Melina has found her way as queen in the ring and in many computer screens all over, her pictures are among the top downloads.

Now Melina was born in Los Angeles, California and her heritage comes from the country of tequila, mariachi and wonderful food – Mexico which is why this sexy lady speaks Spanish fluently. As you all know her comeback to the WWE is one of the most anticipated moments by her fans who called for her and sent her letters asking her to come back soon.

That moment might be coming pretty soon and Melina will defend her WWE Diva Championships title.

“There are many moments where I wonder if I’m good enough, am I giving enough … do I matter. I guess we all have that in our life at times. But the WWE Universe made me believe in myself because they believed in me”. Melina Said.

But who really is this famous WWE Diva Melina? And who is Melina Perez?

Sure they are the same person, in and out of the ring she is a beautiful, strong woman. A woman whose path to success was not easy, like most people that found success after a long struggle, but in the end they realized that every battle was so worthy.

Melina was born on March 9, 1971 making her 31 years old. Before she reached her twenties she became involved in modeling and even won a beauty pageant, but soon she found herself training at Jesse Hernandez’s School of Hard Knocks and she found that that was what really set her on fire. She could even mix the best of her world beauty and her modeling experience and her force to dominate her opponent. Two years after her wrestling training started she made her debut (2002) in the EWF, but couldn’t make it into the WWE, although two years later she was in.

Her debut was in 2004 and was introduced as John Henningan‘s (now Johnny Nitro) girlfriend. Together they became fearless and a new breed of wrestlers was born, they didn’t win always, but they sure gave a good fight and to their fans something to remember them for. Melina soon became a well known name well, actually by many names like The Barracuda, The Paparazzi Princess or the Red Carpet Diva. In the end it was the seductive Melina and her famous split entrance that seduced us all.

Her injury kept her away from wrestling after she defeated Alicia Fox, but we will be waiting for the beautiful Melina, who unlike other WWE Divas, Playboy doesn’t seem too appealing to her, neither does Dave Batista, with whom she has an alleged romantic history. Who can be the man that rocks this Diva’s wild world? What do you think about the famous WWE Melina? Check out the photos and video below.

Melina PerezDiva Melina 1WWE Melina 1WWE Melina Perez 1 2

WWE Diva Melina Pictures

WWE Melina Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ C.M Wiggins, Carrie Devorah

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2 Responses to “WWE Melina: Sexy Wrestler Biography (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Miriam Says:

    Melina, is one sexy Diva there is no doubt about that

  2. 2
    victoria rivera Says:

    hi melina i am victoria rivera from el paso texas and i want to tell you that i am your bigggggggggggggest fan and i want to be a wrestler just like you if you can reply to me that would be the gratest thing in my life (vrivera6432@yahoo.com) thank 4 reading by :)