The Ultimate Fighter Season 12: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck

August 20, 2010

The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 cast has been announced! Find out which lightweights made the cut below!

Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Coach Josh Koscheck  Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Coach Georges St Pierre

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past 5-years or so, and aren’t sure about what The Ultimate Fighter is exactly, please allow me to enlighten you. ‘TUF’ is a show kind of like an extreme version of ‘The Real World’ in the sense that the entire cast –with exception of the coaches – all live under the same roof with their every move being recorded for the world to see. But, here’s the difference, and what a difference it is, each of the cast members are there for a common purpose, which is to fight, and boyyy do they.

The fighters are divvied up into two teams, which, for season 12 are Team GSP (Georges St-Pierre) and Team Koscheck (Josh Koscheck), and then every week a member from each team is selected to fight. The fighter who wins lives to see another day – metaphorically speaking of course, this isn’t Mortal Combat you know – while the other fighter is sent packing. For the season finale the two remaining contestants duke it out against each other for a six-figure contract that guarantees them several fights in the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Cast:

Team GSP
• Georges St-Pierre
• Phil Nurse
• Firas Zahabi
• John Danaher
• Shawn Williams
• Jean-Charles Skarbowsky
Team Koscheck
• Josh Koscheck
• Javier Mendez
• Bob Cook
• Dave Camarillo
• Teddy Lucio
• Daniel Cormier
• JJ Ambrose
• Paul Barrow
• Jason Brenton
• Jonathan Brookins
• Mike Budnik
• Alex Caceres
• Sako Chivitchian
• Joseph Duffy
• Pablo Garza
• Toby Grear
• Daniel Head
• Michael Johnson
• Amir Khillah
• Jeff Lentz
• Sevak Magakian
• Steve Magdaleno
• Andy Main
• Cody McKenzie
• T. J. O’Brien
• Spencer Paige
• Nam Phan
• Michael Richman
• Dane Sayers
• Ariel Sexton
• Marc Stevens
• Kyle Watson
• Ran Weathers
• Aaron Wilkinson

Call it a loooong shot, but I’m rooting for Paul Barrow, who is out of my hometown of Tampa, Fl. Woot Woot!

Which contestant are you rooting for to win The Ultimate Fighter Season 12? Tell us in the comment section! Also, check out pictures and an Ultimate Fighting Championship highlight video below.

Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Coach Josh Koscheck  Ultimate Fighter Season 12 Coach Georges St Pierre

Photos: Eddy/Mike Stotts

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