Naomi Campbell: IRS Bill of $63,000

August 20, 2010

This British supermodel is again making headlines! This time the US government is going after Naomi Campbell. IRS officials have put a tax lien on her for more than $63,000! All the details, including photos and video, are below.

Naomi Campbell  1

Apparently just a few days before she took the stand in the case about the possible “blood diamonds,” she was contacted about the money she owed. They are apparently unpaid from 2009 and the Internal Revenue Service wants their money!

What a year for the gorgeous brunette! First, if you are unaware of the dilemma surrounding her during a trip to Africa many years ago, here is a recap. The supermodel and an actress friend Mia Farrow had dinner with the just elected Liberian President Charles Taylor about 13 years ago. She stated that he gave them some “dirty little stones.” This brought to light the terrible crimes that could have been going on. Taylor has since left the position.

Speculation over her testimony is circulating, with people wondering if she didn’t tell the whole truth. Well as far as Uncle Sam is concerned she was not truthful in the amount of taxes she had to pay. Therefore they filed the lien with the New York Registrar’s Office for the exact amount of $63,487. According to Radar Online, the famous Carnegie Hall Tower skyscraper she owns in the city was the address put on file.

Well if she can clear these two messes up, then maybe all we will hear about her is her fashion and modeling career. Once Naomi Campbell’s IRS bill is paid, she should be in the clear. What do you think about the downward spiral she seems to be on right now? Can she recover from this bad press? Let me know your thoughts below after you check out these photos and video.

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