Delana Harvick: NASCAR Kevin Harvick’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 19, 2010

Meet beautiful Delana Harvick, she is Kevin Harvick’s wife, for some time we have been seeing Delana on the race track after all she is a NASCAR wife a quite interesting one we have to said. Keep reading to know more about her and don’t forget to check out the photos and video below.

Kevin Harvick

Delana Harvick’s husband is a NASCAR racer, he also competes at the Camping World Truck and in the National Series. He sure is a busy guy and there is no doubt that he is so into racing. After all he got into the world of car racing since he was just a little boy, which brings us to check out his lovely wife who like him is a very busy woman. She is into racing as well which makes for a totally different and very interesting type of NASCAR WAG – she was into the world of car racing even before she actually met him.

You see South Carolina native (Kernersville) Delana Linville was also introduced into racing since she was a little girl. Her father John Paul Linville was also a car racer, he competed from 1982 to 1992 at the Busch Series. Her mother Joyce tried to get her involved in other activities but it was cars that struck her the most. After she went to North Carolina State University and finally graduated from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro she found a job with Jeff Gordon’s publicity team, then she got a job with another car racer Randy LaJoie also with his PR team. But Delana felt an absolute fascination by those cars, the speed and the adrenaline rush that she felt just by thinking how cool it must be to drive those amazing machines so she decided to try it once, but once behind the wheel there was no turning back for Delana, she began driving every chance she got. Little did she know that it will be in that world she loved so much that true love would be waiting for her, or maybe she kind of thought she would find it, after all those drivers were all so hot!

And so it was that she met that handsome guy from Bakersfield, California people call Happy Harvick. They went on their first date and felt so good with each other’s company that soon they became one, best friends, a sexy couple, partners in crime (I meant at the race track) and soon to be husband and wife after they got engaged in December 2000.

Delana became Mrs. Harvick in February 2002 at El Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, ever since she became involved with her husband’s public relations and even became the owner of their own Kevin Harvick Inc. plus she also helped her hubby at their Kevin Harvick Foundation where they help underprivileged children all over the United States.

You can find Delana at the race track, but don’t expect to see her in regular clothes. This awesome lady will be working next to her hubby’s team and wear a firesuit which makes her look even sexier and if some criticized her for that she would use that negative comment on her side. That is what happened when someone (and by someone we mean Joey Logano) said something about her wearing the suit, she took advantage of his comment and came up with the fantastic idea to create t-shirts saying “I wear the Firesuit in The Family”. The sales went sky high, fans all over loved it and her even more, Hah in Your Face!!

Delana Harvick and her hubby don’t have any children, they live in Kernersville, North Carolina with Lisa and Sebastian, her cats, Lo the chihuahua and Bebe and Endy her German shepherds.

What are your thoughts about Delana Harvick? Share you comments with us and don’t miss the photos and video below.

Delana Harvick
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Delana Harvick Video

Photos: Doug Mezsler,

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    Miriam Says:

    LOL! Delana really got back at Logano, i bet he didn’t see that one coming on his rear view mirror