Bull Leaps Into Crowd (Photos, Video)

August 19, 2010

How scary! A bull leaps into crowd after successfully clearing the barrier and terrifies the spectators! We have the photos and video below.

Over 30 people were injured during the incident, which happened Wednesday night at the Tafalla Bullring in Spain.

An actual bullfight was not taking place at the time of the incident, instead it was a “recortadores”, where competitors try to stay away from the bull but still stay within close proximity of the beast.

I could not even imagine being a spectator, see this beast charging towards me and then watch as the bull leaps into crowd? He cleared that security barrier with no problem! In the video below you can hear the people screaming while pandemonium ensues. I get shivers every time I watch it, especially seeing those little ones running for their life. Reports claim that over 30 people were injured, mainly with cuts and bruises but reportedly there is a child with injuries that has left him in critical condition. Additionally, a man was said to have been gored in the back and is listed in stable condition. My thoughts and prayers go out to their families, may they both make a full recovery.

Several witnesses described what happened:

“I was terrified. I ran out of the stadium, crying.” one young woman told Basque television.

Another witness: “People started to fall over each other … Then I couldn’t find my friends, what happened was awful.”

Eneko Goyena Sesma, 16:

“I was with my friends when the bull jumped over and everyone began to run. Somebody must have pushed me and I fell to the ground. I got a pretty big fright.”

The bull was about to be brought back to the corral because he had attempted to leap into the stands twice before. Persistent, eh?

You can see the more pictures plus video as the bull leaps into crowd.

bull leapsbullbull

Photos: www.wenn.com/Rui M Leal / WENN

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One Response to “Bull Leaps Into Crowd (Photos, Video)”

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    jo Says:

    Good for the bull! I think it’s wrong he had to die to satisfy the blood-thirsty morons that think tormenting animals is a sport!