Iman Aubrey: DeMario Reynolds’ Girlfriend (Photos, video)

August 19, 2010

Iman Aubrey might sound like a familiar name, but the truth is that until now most of you just found out that Iman is DeMario Reynolds’ girlfriend, who died after his best friend and MMA fighter Jason Sindelar beat him to death. Questions have been asked surrounding this story. Keep reading to know more about this story plus check out the photos and video below.

Iman Aubrey
Iman Aubrey Picture

Iman Aubrey’s name sounds very chic, Iman reminds us of David Bowie’s stunning supermodel wife and Aubrey reminds us of Halle Berry’s baby daddy hottie Gabriel Aubrey, but Iman Aubrey is not going through a chic moment in her life right now. In fact she is living a very sad time in her life, her boyfriend and fiancée died just recently by the hands of his best friend who as you all know is also a MMA fighter.

Iman‘s boyfriend was a 26 year old a former football player at the University of Nevada where he graduated a couple of years ago, he left behind his 6 year old son Demario Jr.

Iman Aubrey is a 43 year old single mother of her beautiful teenage daughter who lives in Las Vegas, where she also became the founder of her own business Purrfect LV or Purrfect Las Vegas, where she hosts parties or any social events in Las Vegas and other big cities. Her company gives their clients a variety of services like bottle service, dance floor, Dj’s, VIP service. It was at one of Iman’s events that she was in company of her dear boyfriend, his MMA pal and his girlfriend.

When Iman saw the Martial Arts expert hit his girlfriend she asked Reynolds to do something, but things got out of hand and when alcohol is allegedly involved things can end in tragedy.

The party was held at a hotel room at the Luxor Hotel Las Vegas, but the fight was in a bathroom where the fighter first allegedly hit his girlfriend and where both men started punching each other until Police intervened. The MMA fighter left and Iman’s Beau stayed trying to recover until the other guy came back punched him again until Reynolds fell unconscious on the floor. They called the paramedics who took him to Desert Springs Hospital, but he didn’t make it, he died at the hospital.

Meanwhile his friend denied that the fight was at the room and said that it was him who was first grabbed by the neck to stop him for arguing with his girlfriend, he added that the former Nevada Linebacker was allegedly drugged.

And according to the Coroner Office, Iman’s boyfriend and fiancée died due to an overdose after a combination of ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol was found plus "other significant conditions including a collapse following a physical altercation." which is where the MMA expert came around and why he will be charged.

The main thing here it that this young man is dead and it is a terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and loved ones. Check out the Photos and video below.

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Iman Aubrey Pictures

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3 Responses to “Iman Aubrey: DeMario Reynolds’ Girlfriend (Photos, video)”

  1. 1
    Miriam Says:

    What a terrible tragedy, my prayers are with his family

  2. 2
    MixnUp Says:

    Jason is being charged with 2nd degree murder. The coroners report came back and it was listed he was beaten to death. Demario had no drugs in his system. Jason will get whats coming to him. R.I.P Demario and hopefully his family gets some justice.

  3. 3
    Norman Haefner Says:

    Oh how I idolised the music punishment from the eighties, everything seemed to be way much yeasty than today .