“Glee” Comic Book: ‘Fame’ Series

August 19, 2010

The hit show’s fame just keeps getting bigger! Now they are reaching into a whole new category with a “Glee” comic book! For the details on this story, with photos, a video and how to get your hands on the special edition, continue below.

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Bluewater Productions, who put out the ‘Fame’ comics, have decided to feature the musical show in its fall series. It will be a background look into the rise of the series and its cast, and the cover has just been released!

Everyone involved seemed to be very excited working on the “Glee” comic book and Cameron Coke, who worked on the script with Patrick McCormack said:

“Working on ‘Glee’ was a treat. It made it easy to see why people are so passionate about their love for this show.”

Well this coming November the first one will come out and anyone can get a copy for only $3.99. The television show has already made a name for itself and now they may get many people into the world of comics.

“Our ‘Fame’ series has attracted an entirely new audience to the world of comics, whether they’re fans of Lady Gaga or ‘Twilight,'” said Bluewater Founder and President Darren G. Davis. “I expect that the same thing will happen with ‘Fame: The Cast of Glee. I hope to see a lot of people who’ve never picked up comics before decide to pick up this book.”

The show has been honoring some of these stars’ music just like the ‘Fame’ series plans to do. We are soon to see many more singing star episodes, including a Britney Spears one.

“Fame: The Cast of Glee,” comic book seems like it will be a hit! You can check out the picture of the cover here. Do you think this will be one more thing that the program will excel at? Be sure to tell me what you think about the venture in the comment section, after you check out these photos and video.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Nikki Nelson, FayesVision, Tony Clark

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