Eli Manning Injury Video!

August 18, 2010

I know you have all heard about Eli Manning’s injury but have you seen the video? If not you can see it here, it is good. well interesting to say the least. Find out the latest about the hurt quarterback plus check out some pictures too.

Eli Manning

The Eli Manning injury video has gone viral and you are going to want to see it, even if you watched the game on Monday. As I am sure you all know by now Manning’s helmet was knocked off during a play that obviously went wrong. Eli sustained a blood gushing cut which didn’t seem to be serious however as of now it is questionable as whether or not he will play in Saturday’s game against Pittsburgh.

All in all after watching the game and the below clip I think it is safe to say that things could have been much worse for Eli which is a good thing for him not only physically but also because those Giants fans can be brutal. And as you can clearly see in the clip the incident was really kind of Eli’s fault, he screwed up.

In my opinion the Eli Manning injury video is one hot topic but is kind of silly one too. Yes he was hurt and you can see the blood but I just don’t really get the fascination with it. However there are many of you out there who clearly disagree with me since it has been a topic of conversation and internet inquiry since the incident on Monday night. I for one think it has to do with the blood spewing from Manning’s head, people love that kind of stuff. That of course is just my thoughts on the subject. Let me know what you think, is the whole thing being blown out of proportion or are you intrigued by it.

Eli Manning PhotoEli Manning 3Eli Manning 4Eli Manning 5Eli Manning 6

Photos: www.wenn.com/Marc Stamas/Jeff Daly/Pop/PNP

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One Response to “Eli Manning Injury Video!”

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    angela Says:

    Eli Manning is so sexy. So glad he is going to be ok.