Brett Favre: Vikings for his 20th Season

August 18, 2010

Is Brett Favre’s return to the Minnesota Vikings a wise decision? Only time will tell, but that certainly won’t stop people from speculating. Get the scoop along with Brett Favre’s press conference video below.

Brett Favre

Come on, really, who didn’t expect this to happen? Is this really even news?

Over the course of Brett Favre’s illustrious career he has earned himself a few nicknames – Big Arm Brett, Ol’ Gun Slinger and more recently the Silver Fox, but, in light of all the fibs that he has told about retiring I came up with a nickname I feel is better suited for him… Pinocchio. The only difference is that if his nose was actually to grow each time he told a lie about retiring from football it would stick so far out of his helmet that he would be forced into retirement as a result of being a hazard to himself and everyone on the field. However this is obviously not the case, and instead, we the fans get what has become an annual Favre extravaganza polluting sport’s most cherished news outlet ESPN.

Grandpa Favre is said to be receiving a big pay off for returning for the 2010-2011 season, which with bonus incentives could amount to nearly $20 million. This is despite the fact that #4 says he can’t promise that he’ll make it through the entire season.

On a lighter note the reason why Favre says he is coming back is the possibility of winning a Super Bowl. He also explained:

“I’m not here to set any records. There’s nothing left for me to prove. I’m here to have fun and help these people win. I really enjoy these guys and I think the feeling is mutual.”

This is it though guys. Brett promises that his 20th Season in the National Football League will be his last. Hahaha. I’ve heard that one before. There is an old adage that says, “Fool me once, Brett Favre, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a third time and I’m just plain duhhhmb.”

What do you think about the breaking news that Brett Favre will return to the Vikings? Share your opinion with us in our comment section. Also, don’t forget to check out pictures and video below.

Brett Favre 1Brett Favre 2Brett Favre 3Brett Favre


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