Women in Stiletto Heels Race for $15,000

March 8, 2008

What were 150 women wearing stiletto heels doing running down an Amsterdam street? A $15,000 grand prize awaited one lucky winner at the finish line. See photos below.

Dubbed the “Stiletto Run“, the race has gotten so popular that countries such as Germany, Russia, Poland and Sweden have had their own copycat runs.

“Shopping is a Sport” is the motto of the race and they encourage “friendly competition”. According to one stiletto heel racer, Fauve Stujke, she said that there was a lot of pushing and elbowing going on at the start of the race. She didn’t win, and said afterwards that she probably wore heels too high – 4 inches to be exact, just a little bit higher than the minimum of 3 1/2 inches.

Tamara Ruben was the winner and was asked how she was going to spend the $15,000 grand prize – “Anything but high heels.”

I don’t know…$15,000 to run in those heels? Gimme a prize of $150,000 and I’ll don a pair and race as well…15 grand just doesn’t seem worth my pain and agony. Heh.

See more photos of women in stiletto heels race for $15,000 below.

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