Larisa Pavlyuchenko: Roman Pavlyuchenko’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 17, 2010

Larisa Pavlyuchenko is Tottenham’s Roman Pavlyuchenko’s Sexy wife, Maybe we haven’t heard much from her, but we have seen some racy pictures from Larisa, wanna know more about this? Keep reading and don’t forget to check out the photos and video below.

Larisa Pavlyuchenko

Larisa Pavlyuchenko Picture

Larisa Pavlyuchenko’s hubby is one of Russia’s most famous soccer players, he is part of their National Team and he is a key player at Tottenham Hotspur, sure you already know all about him, but we are here to know about his utterly sexy wife Larisa.

Larisa left her beloved Russia when her hubby signed with the English team in 2008, ever since that time she has come to learn English even better than her hubby does, she still cooks his favorite Russian cuisine and manages to take her little daughter Kristina to a nursery where she will grow up speaking fluently in English and Russian. It was Larisa’s support that encouraged her hubby to take the opportunity to travel to England.

"I always told him: ‘It’s only you who can choose. Whatever your decision is, we’ll always back you and will follow you. Roman called me time and again, asking: ‘Will you manage to get used to it?’. And I replied: ‘Please don’t think about us. It’s better to go and try now than later regret missing this opportunity.The fact is, the offer came out of the blue. It was a bit too scary to think about changing everything, when things were going so smoothly in Moscow.  We would have left without thinking twice if there had been any problems for Roman in Spartak. But there weren’t. Besides, our child feels at home in Moscow. Kristina has friends in the neighborhood.   But Roman’s performance is much more important than all these routine problems now. All I want is for Roman to be successful in England”. Larisa Pavlyuchenko Said.

At first she stayed at home in Russia while her hubby flew, but after a while she joined him, certainly he was glad, he disliked English food, but he couldn’t help to feel worried about how Larisa and their two year old daughter will adjust to life in that country.

“I Hate English food. But since my wife Larisa joined me in London it’s not a problem for me any more. She is a good cook and now I eat at home”.

For Larisa to move to another country and learn another culture, language was not easy, but she was committed to support her husband no matter what.

28 year old Larisa met her hubby while both were at High School and both were just 15 years old. Her daughter Kristina is now 4 years old.

Larisa is a stunning woman, she was part of the Russian WAGS calendar along with other fellow Russian Wives, you can check her out right here. She looks smoking hot doesn’t she?

What do you think about her? Check out Larisa Pavlyuchenko’s photos and video below.

Larisa Pavlyuchenko PicLarisa Pavlyuchenko Picture

Larisa Pavlyuchenko Pictures

Larisa Pavlyuchenko Video


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