James Toney: “Randy Couture is Garbage” (Video)

August 17, 2010

UFC 118 is just around the corner, and fans are basically salivating in anticipation of watching James Toney and Randy Couture duke it out. Get the scoop along with video below.

Randy Couture 1James Toney

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is uncharted territory for James Toney, but despite that, the professional boxer certainly isn’t lacking any confidence for his upcoming bout against UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture. After years of winning boxing titles Toney has perfected the art of trash talking, and has already laid a verbal smackdown on “The Natural,” saying things like:

“The guy is garbage.”

“As far as takedowns go, I welcome them. If he tries to take me down, it’s going to be a short night for him – a very short night. Matter of fact, I’ve got a pillow for him.”

And my personal favorite:

“Don’t worry about me, worry about Randy. If you see me fighting a bear, don’t worry about me. Protect the bear.”

“Lights Out” claims that he is in the best shape of his life after enduring months of grueling Mixed Martial Arts training, which isn’t too hard to believe either, especially since at one point in his career he weighed over 250 lbs. Couture on the other hand has also weighed upwards of that number at one point in his career. Yeah, these are two big boys with anger management issues fighting on August 28, so make sure to check it out live from Boston on Pay-Per-View. Or if you’re anything like me it is likely that you will wait until after the fight and watch the video online.

Who do you think will win this “Clash of the Titans”? Will it be James Toney or Randy Couture? Share your opinion with us in the comment section, hey, after all, that’s what it’s there for.

Just for your viewing pleasure pictures and video have been included below.

James Toney 1James ToneyRandy Couture 1Randy Couture

Photos: www.wenn.com/DJDM/Starbux/Rachel Worth

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11 Responses to “James Toney: “Randy Couture is Garbage” (Video)”

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  1. 1
    Fight 'N' With heart Says:

    James Toney, as old and past his prime as he may be, is still a fighting warrior in the truest sense.

    People who are speaking ill of Toney and his chances, and that includes Holyfield and Hopkins, need to remember that that is exactly what a true warrior fighter does; pick fights.
    Toney’s risk taking competitive spirit should be applauded win or lose.

    After all, there is not one mma fighter that will take a similar risk and at a similar level but in boxing, that Toney is taking by entering into mma.

    MMA fighters use the excuse that boxing is not what they train in. The same can be said by Toney in relation to mma but it doesn’t stop Toney for showing his fighting spirit and entering an entirely different sport. MMA fighters also like to use the excuse that they are being well rounded so why would they enter into a sport (Boxing) that limits them. When they say this, mma fighters miss the point entirely in regards to what it means to be a true fighter. A true fighter tests himself and challenges himself and PICKS fights because that is what he, as a fighter, has chosen to do. Instead, what do mma fighters do? The mma fighters hide behind their rules and try to pawn it oof as something other than the truth; mma fighters are simply the inferior fighter and the boxer is superior in every way because the boxer truly understand what it means to be a fighter.

    Some times, in order to test your kill, drive, determination, and courage, or merely to try and prove a point, you have to exit your comfort zone and take chances like a warrior. Toney, the warrior, understands this and steps out into the breach. MMA fighters don’t understand this and choose to hide and make excuses.

    Boxing truly is the sweet science and it has produced the most courageous athletes and fighters in the world.

  2. 2
    Jason Says:

    Since when did MMA fighters say that boxing is not what they train in? Tell me when did they ever say that? They have always said that boxing is part of what they train, just PART of it. Boxers only train in boxing nothing else, so how is that a “sweet science”? Your reasoning does not convince anyone that boxers are “true fighters”. MMA IS and always will be the art of fighting, they train in different types of fighting styles like wrestling, boxing, kick boxing, muay thai, and bjj, just to name a few.

    Boxers train in one style of fighting and that is with their hands. You know… when you are in a real actual fight on the street, who you thinks going to win? A guy who utilizes in different types of fighting styles or someone who just counts on his hands to do the talking? You don’t even need a brain to figure out the outcome.

    This has been said before and I will state it again “MMA fighters can’t make it in boxing and Boxers can’t make it in MMA.” which is true. Boxers focus more on their head movement and their hands, while MMA fighters use what they have learned in the gym to try to win the match, which most of the time require thinking, same with boxing, they need their mind to figure out how to beat their opponent and use their weakness against them.

    In this fight with Randy Couture and James Toney, if it stays on the feet and/or Randy can’t get it to the floor then for sure James Toney will KO Couture, BUT if Randy takes it to the floor and wears Toney out then Randy will win by either submission or by unanimous decision(I don’t see Couture knocking out Toney).

    You are basically saying that MMA fighters are pussies and boxers have more balls then them, well, ok then looks like you don’t know what it’s like to get kneed, elbowed or kicked in the face, that takes real balls then fighting with your hands with 16 oz gloves, oh yeah btw, MMA fighters have 4 oz gloves, which have very little cushion. Now how does that make MMA fighters pussies? Tell me how? I’ll be more then happy to read one of your ignorant comments or anyone elses for that matter.

  3. 3
    tommy Says:

    boxers truly are the real warriors of the fight game,purely because they are receiving continuous blows to the head ,liver.mma on the other hand dont receive as many blows and the fight ends up on the floor,it doesn’t matter that they use smaller gloves.if they had real fortitude they would have the courage to enter the boxing ring and fight a top ranked boxer

  4. 4
    James Says:

    To the “gentlemen” who posted comments #1 and #3, you are both idiots. Read what you write before you hit the “Submit Comment” button.

  5. 5
    Rick Says:


    Those idiots could probably beat your a$$ in a “real” street fight. I know I can.

  6. 6
    Fight 'N' With heart Says:

    @ jason

    mma cheer leaders like you are always trying to cite practicality as being a strength of mma. Besides, in the street their is no rules and the person who often wins is the person who is the biggest coward and looking to do anything to win because they have no honor code. In the street anything goes so your point of citing practicality is pointless. Or maybe you are right. MMA fighters have behaved like the average coward on the street who is willing to do anything to win. lesnar is the perfect example; lesnar gets hit with one punch by carwin, drops his head, turns his back, runs away, and when the abuse by carwin continued, lesnar voluntarily threw himself to the ground and assumed the fetal position rather than standing and fighting back like a man. I guess the fetal position is a strategy unique only to the trash world of mma. But, in the end, lesnar did what he had to do to win, right? Just like the punk on the street who will do anything to win regardless of how much of a coward his technique makes him look.

    I am arguing that it takes greater skill, talent, and heart to be a boxer.

    And the evidence of boxers being the more courageous fighter is there but you are a fad following fanatic of mma so you don’t see it.

    Could Toney and Mercer have both used their lack of experience to stay out of the octagon? Yes, correct? Did they? NO!

    Can couture and any other ass grabber use the same excuse to stay out of a boxing ring? Yes, correct? Do they? YES! MMA clowns don’t pick fights in top level boxing in an attempt to make more money, prove a point, stroke their ego, or simply for the challenge of it.

    So far, it has been boxers who choose not to hide behind excuses and will enter into the octagon while mma chumps choose to hide behind their excuses. If you don’t see this then you’re a fanatic who doesn’t want to admit to themselves that they are rooting for the less courageous fighter.

  7. 7
    Fight 'N' With heart Says:

    @ james

    Why don’t you actually post a counter argument that addresses my opinion of trash mma rather than two sentence comments that offer nothing of substance.

    I do think before I post my comment. However, you seem to not think at all since you didn’t post anything.

  8. 8
    Miriam Says:

    Wow! the fight is already here!!

  9. 9
    That Guy Says:

    MMA fighters don’t rain in boxing? Uhh yes they do. Also there are a lot of MMA fighters that have fought in boxing. Your argument is weak. Boxers aren’t superior in every way. They’re superior in one way and that’s boxing.

  10. 10
    Yo Daddy Says:

    Here’s what’s going to happen. Randy Couture whoops James Toney like most people think he gonna. Most likely some ground and pound with a submission. I really don’t want to see a short stoppage by the ref and have boxing fans cry that it was stopped too fast. Another very strong possibility is that Toney actually catches him when he’s coming in and it’s lights out. Then boxing fans all over the world will be claiming boxing is better off one fight. I really don’t want to see that either. Couture has already been knocked out in fights before and his jaw seems to only be getting worse. Both guys are over the hill and Couture is almost fifty. He has to be slowing down a bit. Very possible Toney knocks him out and idiot boxing fans around the world think boxing is superior off of one fight and that’s what would happen in every fight. They’ll never truly understand the dynamic of mma and that there is always a chance of a knock out and even more so with a great boxer in there.

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