Nicole Bobek: Former Figure Skater Biography (photos, Video)

August 17, 2010

The beautiful, gifted and amazing Nicole Bobek is remembered by her fantastic routines on the ice, her stunning body and flawless face, but she is also remembered by the shameful meth incident. Let’s learn more about this former figure skater from her biography here plus don’t miss Nicole Bobek’s photo and Video Below.

Nicole Bobek
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Nicole Bobek’s career as a figure skater was meant to be a memorable one filled with success, happiness and many years of the most beautiful routines. Sadly Nicole encountered the dark side of fame since she was just a teenager and for many years she fought her own demons. Even to this day her past has  come to leave its mark. Before all these terrible series of events stole her career, Nicole was an outstanding figure skater, a gifted one that even caught the attention of Hollywood when she took part in the 2006 film All the Kings Man along with the fabulous Sean Penn. Endorsements from all over fought to have a piece of Nicole, perhaps you remember seeing her in the television commercial for Campbell Soup, Wow! No one never thought that sweet, beautiful athlete would end her career so abruptly.

Nicole Bobek will be 32 years old on August 23rd, she was born in the United States, in Chicago to be exact, her mother Jana Bobek is from Czechoslovakia who arrived to America when she was just 21 years old (back in 1968) and the one who raised her with the help of her dear friend Joyce. Nicole grew up without her father in fact, she never met him in her life.

She took her first steps in skating when she was still a toddler. Before she was thirteen she was an avid, fearless and competitive skater earning recognition along the big names in figure skating, but it was clear that something was wrong with her, stability maybe, lack of discipline? Absolutely (she missed training, trouble with her weight and a smoker) plus the ups and down in her career revealed something was just not OK.

Nicole Bobek would get an amazing result in one competition and then ended up in the last place in the next  as if she were two different skaters who were competing under the same name and let’s not forget the parade of coaches that crossed her path (more than 10). This happened not once but many times throughout her career, like for example at the 1998 U.S Championships where she claimed third place, but was not even in the top 10 skaters at the Winter Olympics that same year, a very similar thing happened years earlier.

During her professional career from 1988 to 1999 Nicole won a total of 3 gold medals (1995 U.S Championships, 1991 Karl Schafer Memorial and at the 1995 US Figure Skating Championships).

But her misfortune was waiting for her around the corner and first found her when she was just 17 years old. That day in November 1994 when Nicole allegedly broke into a friend’s house and stole money, only to get caught while she was still inside the house. Because the incident took place in Michigan where a 17 year old individual is not considered a minor she opted to plead guilty under the youthful trainee. By using the youthful trainee act the person who has been accused undergoes counseling and probation in order to get their file clean, in her case she got a month in jail, two years probation and community service. 15 years later in July, 2009 Nicole was involved in a case that pointed her as one of the alleged 28 drug dealers ($10.00 worth in meth each week) in New Jersey. She pleaded guilty a year later and two months later on August 16th she got her sentence, which includes 5 years probation and 250 hours in community service.

"It’s a lot of emotions. I think positive things can come of this. It’s been a long year and I’m doing everything I can to get back on that ice." Nicole said.

While her hopes are great many wonder if she will get her life back on the ice. What do you think, will she or won’t she? Check out Nicole Bobek’s photos including her 2009 mug shot and the videos below.

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Nicole Bobek Meth Charges Video

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    Nick Says:

    She threw her future down the drain, a real waste of talent