Amanda Caulder: Dustin Johnson’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

August 16, 2010

Amanda Caulder is the one who holds her boyfriend, PGA golfer Dustin Johnson, when he is victorious and when he is not, but she is also the one whom she can rely on, share a lovely meal, tell his secrets or just get lost by looking through his eyes. Keep reading to know more about Amanda and don’t forget to check the photos and video below.

Amanda Caulder

Amanda Caulder Picture

Amanda Caulder’s boyfriend had a controversial last game at the 2010 PGA championships, when he received a two stoke penalty shot for apparently grounding his club in a bunker, no one never thought such a thing would happen, and it looked like Amanda and her beau would be celebrating soon sadly it didn’t happen that way.

Many people have always felt intrigued by the reserved and mysterious 26 year old golfer from South Carolina, more intriguing was the fact to know about his long time gorgeous girlfriend, Amanda, who has been for a long time a regular and beautiful girl to see at the golf course whenever her golf stud is competing. There isn’t much information about her, which is a real shame since she really seems like a remarkable, smart, interesting young woman, not to mention utterly hot.

She lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with her adorable and equally hot boyfriend and their dog Max, an old English sheepdog. They own a beautiful house where they can play pool, rest, hide from all the media and just be; themselves and enjoy the greatness of the relationship that for almost six years have made them inseparable well except for the times when really must stays at home and leave him. Amanda went to CCU or Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina where her boyfriend also went, perhaps met each other and where she graduated with a degree in health and is now looking forward to getting her master’s degree.

Like him Amanda enjoys staying at home, maybe go out to grab a bite and come back home.

"I can say we both liked to go out more when we first met. The past two years, we’ve both grown up a lot. Now we don’t have time to do that”. Amanda said.

Amanda has come to know her boyfriend’s moods, for his face gestures and his movements tell how he really feels, in fact she once told fans a secret.

“I have very poor vision, but I can see when he starts walking faster, he gets his little swagger.” Amanda said. He does this when he gets a bit excited about his game.

She also said he is the most laid back guy she has ever met, adding that they will get married eventually, but for now she is enjoying her relationship as his girlfriend, a very pretty girlfriend indeed.

What do you think about her? Share your comments with us and take a look at Amanda Caulder’s photos and video below.

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Amanda Caulder Pictures

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5 Responses to “Amanda Caulder: Dustin Johnson’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Bobby Says:

    SHE IS HOTTTT!!!!!

  2. 2
    Janice Says:

    Amanda is truely a wonderful daughter and I am very proud of her! Dustin is a very lucky young man.

  3. 3
    Brian Says:

    She looks like a female version of Michael Jackson….Now it can say Amanda Caulder: Dustin Johnson’s EX Girlfriend ;)

  4. 4
    LAC Says:

    Maybe her vision bad causes her to over look his constant cheating. Like when she caught him red handed in the driveway of the home they share. She is not gettting her Masters degree. She does nothing but spend his money. She has never had a job and she never will. She allows him to cheat because she is a gold digger who is just with him for his money. She is rude and ugly. Nice forehead and nose job. His family and friends cannot stand her with good cause.

  5. 5
    Golf4Life Says:

    LAC! You described her absolutely perfect! She is just a dumb(very ugly) girl who is dating him again for his money!! She came back to him because she knows that she will never have to support herself..ever! All she has to do is fre off a kid and she is set for life hahaaa Dustin can do much better and a find a girl who loves him for who he is..