Snooki Trademark Application Denied!

August 16, 2010

When trying to get her signature nickname “Snooki” trademarked, Nicole Polizzi from “Jersey Shore” ran into a little snag. Due to a cartoon cat named Snooky who already has a published book, her patent was denied! For more on this story, including more photos and a video, keep reading below.

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The children’s book, the “Adventures of Snooky,” has held the rights to that name since 2004. Even though they are spelled differently, since they are so similar, Polizzi cannot own her own nickname!

The reality TV drama girl has been keeping season three interesting! Did you see last week when she drunkenly cuddled with Vinny in bed? And even if she can’t have the “Snooki” trademark, I don’t see anything changing. I guess she could come up with a new name, but that would just be crazy!

The official reason the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office refused her request was because it could cause confusion. I don’t think there is probably anything similar about the cartoon cat and the New Jersey girl, well, except their names of course!

The reason she originally wanted the patent was so she could use the nickname for public appearances and she wants to publish her own book with the name. I can understand her point, I mean if she couldn’t use it, and had to stick with her given name, Nicole Polizzi, we’d all be confused! I guess only the entertaining cartoon gets to have a book with that name!

She can appeal the decision, and I wonder if she will. What do you think about Snooki’s trademark drama? And if the “Jersey Shore” character does put out a book, is it one you will stand in line early for? Be sure to check out these photos and a video about what really brought her to stardom, and then leave me your comments below.

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Photos: Nikolov, FayesVision, Judy Eddy

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