Niky Carmikle: California Truck Race Survivor (Photos, Video)

August 15, 2010

Niky Carmikle survived the tragedy at the Mojave Desert that took the lives of 8 people, among those her boyfriend. Keep reading to know more about Niky and about this tragic news regarding the California Truck race plus check out the photos and video below.

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The California Truck race takes place about 100 miles from Northern Los Angeles at the large area in the Mojave desert. On August 14th it was the 200 California truck race that sent hundreds of adrenaline junkies to have a little taste of what some described as one hell of a race.  People from all ages gathered at the Mojave were they could almost touch the furious trucks that flew at maximum speeds, giving an awesome show, but that night it was about to be marked with pain and tears in many lives.

Among those lives was Niky Carmikle, the 19 year old girl who lost her boyfriend and other friends at the California truck race in Lucerne Valley.

It all happened when the truck jumped at the rock pile at approximately 45- 50 miles per hour, but the driver lost control of his 2000 Ford Ranger and went airborne, he hit the brakes but the truck rolled over falling over the people who were in the zone where no barriers were between them and the trucks. The driver, Brett M. Sloppy, was not charged.

Niky Carmikle was not there at the exact moment the truck killed Zackary Freeman, her boyfriend, and his best buddy Dustin Malson, both 24 year old guys from Ventura. She just left them cheering, screaming wildly as the engines roared, but when she came back from the bathroom she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, her heart was refusing to believe it, was this a bad dream coming true, a terrible and unfair scene flashing into her eyes more lively than she ever wanted it to.

Niky Camikle began to search for her beau and his friend, but they were not where they used to be standing. As she began to walk, she kept telling herself that they were alright, but she was also afraid of what she was about to found.

"Bodies all over the ground, people screaming, and all I wanted to do was find my boyfriend and my friends," Niky said.

The body of her boyfriend was among those in the ground lying in abnormal positions, lifeless, leaving Niky in tears. The woman in the pictures above and below are not Niky Carmikle, but you can see her picture right here.

Six people died at the scene, 9 others were taken to the hospital, two of the nine died later. The others were treated with major and minor injuries.

On Sunday August 15th, Niky was among the many who cried over the death of their loved ones at the memorial, the spot where the terrible accident occurred.

"You could touch it if you wanted to. It’s part of the excitement. There’s always that risk factor, but you just don’t expect that it will happen to you." Niky said.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Niky Carmikle, family and  friends who lost their beloved ones at the California truck race. Would you like to express your condolences to Niky and the others? Check out the photos and video below.

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California Truck Race tragedy Video


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