Amber Uresti: Nick Watney’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

August 15, 2010

Meet Amber Uresti. This stunning brunette is PGA golfer Nick Watney’s girlfriend. For quite some time no one knew who the girl was that made the heart of this awesome golfer beat faster but now that we know let’s get to know her better. Keep reading this full story and don’t forget to check out the photos and video below.

Golf Girlfriend

Amber Watney’s boyfriend and now fiancée is among the young golfers who is leading at the PGA Championships, sadly there isn’t much information about Amber so the little we know we are going to share with you.

Amber Uresti has been surrounded by golf since she was a little girl, in fact golf has been part of her family’s lives even before she was born. Her uncle on her father’s side is Omar Uresti, the famous golfer from Texas, his brother and Amber’s father is Rusty Uresti. He has been a caddy for the PGA Tour for almost 15 years, in those years he has been a caddy for his brother and many other famous golfers. And it was Amber’s dad who introduced her to the young golfer after talking continually about what a great guy he was while she in her mind dating a golfer was not something she would plan for herself. After they met the flirting began and they ended up dating. That was over two years ago.

“My dad talked about Nick and how he was the sweetest guy on the tour,” Uresti said. “Of course, I was a little skeptical. I was the one who said I’d never date a golfer, Look at me now.” Amber Uresti said.

27 year old Amber is from Texas, we tried to find more details about her and we did find one Amber Nicole Uresti – her mother is Madeline, father Rusty and she might have a younger brother Anthony, but maybe you can give us a hand on this one.

After Amber graduated from the University of Austin, Texas. With no academic responsibilities left and now dating the famous and handsome golfer she travels with him everywhere his career takes them.

He proposed to her last year after a golf tournament (Torrey Pines) and Amber will walk the aisle in October 2010.

Amber has become a favorite among golf girlfriends and wives aka WAGS and she enjoys the company of the other wives on the golf course – even during a shopping spree, like this time when she joined her dear friend Jodi Merrick, check out Amber Uresti’s picture here.

What else do you know about her? What do you think about her? Check out the photo and video below.

Golf WAG

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*Note** The girls in the pictures are not Amber Uresti

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    Nike Dunks Says:

    I think Amber is so damn “Hoot” too much of a woman for him, but well..