Kay Malone: Karl Malone’s Wife (Photos, video)

August 15, 2010

Kay Malone is former NBA and new Hall Of Fame inductee Karl Malone’s beautiful wife, follow us to the life of this remarkable, stunning and humble woman and take a look at the photos and video below.

Karl Malone

Kay Malone’s hubby is one of the fantastic former NBA players who was inducted at the Basketball Hall of Fame, although it was a very happy day for Kay and her hubby, it was also a sad memory since it was her mother in law’s anniversary of her death, in her own words it was a bittersweet day.

Kay has been married to her famous NBA hubby almost 20 years, little did she know that the guy she saw at the mall known as the Mailman would be her husband someday – to that she has to thank her brother in law.

Kay Kinsey was born in Idaho, she went to Boise State University in Idaho where she got her degree in Sociology. She won the Miss Idaho Beauty Pageant and represented her hometown at the 37th Miss USA on 1988 in El Paso, Texas which Miss Texas won.

The day she met the basketball star she was at a mall with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, she didn’t know much about basketball and even less about the player people called The Mailman.

“I saw this peculiar sign  ‘The Mailman Has Delivered.’ I thought – ‘That’s weird, why would the mailman be delivering here? I mean – what’s the big deal with Karl the Mailman?’ Then I saw him and realized – ‘Oh, maybe Karl is the first black postman.’ I said to my family, ‘This is really outrageous! You have a guy signing autographs because he’s the first black postman?’ After they cracked up in my face, they set me straight that Karl plays basketball. I just thought that’s the goofiest name I’ve ever heard for a basketball player – ‘the mailman?!” Kay remembers.

They met him that day and even took a picture with him, although she was not so excited about it she figured she could give it to her friends, but it was one of these pictures that her brother in-law sent to the player with something written on her behalf. He called her and told her about the picture, she told him she didn’t send it. Soon they were talking for hours and they became friends, after all both were seeing other people at that time.

After some time, now both single, they decided to start dating and on December 24, 1990 they got married. The next year her daughter Kadee was born, two more years later (1993) Kylee came, Karl Jr. was born in 1995 and Karkee in 1998.

It was in the same year her little daughter Karkee was born that Kay found out about her hubby’s older children whom he had with a former girlfriend when he was just a teenager, many thought that this would damage their marriage, but she stood by her man and welcomed his children – twins Cheryl and Daryl into her family with arms wide open.

Her support and unconditional love got its reward, although I don’t think he gave her this kind of gift just because of her support toward his children, it was because it was her dream ever since she was a teenage girl, but what was the gift?

It was Christmas, almost ten years happily married when she received from her hubby’s hands a piece of paper, not an ordinary paper I have to add, it was the one that said that she was since that day the proud owner of Wolfe Crest Bed And Breakfast.

Kay Malone is a beautiful woman, with agreat personality, smart, unbelievably down to earth which called the attention of KJZZ TV when they asked Kay to host their Christmas show, Home for the Holidays with Kay Malone. We don’t have a picture of the beautiful Kay, but you can see her next to her hubby right here and also here.

She sure is amazing right? What do you think of her? Check out the photo and video below.

Karl Malone 1

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Kay Malone Video

Photos: www.wenn.com

David Livingston.

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