Kim Kardashian: Miles Austin Still Her Man?

August 14, 2010

What is going on? There are all kinds of stories circulating the internet now about the love life of Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin. For all the details we know about the relationship, including photos and video, keep reading below.

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Are the two broken up? Is she allegedly cheating on him with Cristiano Ronaldo? Is there another guy, perhaps Chace Crawford? Or are they still together, and just taking it slow now that they are both busy? Let’s take a look.

We all know that the reality TV star dated and broke up with Reggie Bush earlier this year (though they did run into each other at a wedding recently and fought drunkenly). For months we tried to figure out if Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin were really dating, and that was confirmed in July. Also, in April of this year she was seen getting intimate with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Well now there are rumors that she is still with her NFL boyfriend, but possibly allegedly cheating on him with the European soccer star. Some reports say that they are just taking things slow since the Cowboy’s star is in the middle of football season and she is busy with work.

However, if you check out PopEater, it seems that she may actually be single! Apparently in the next Life & Style edition she talks about being single and focusing on her work. They cite a source that says about the pair:

“The two are casual at best. Kim knows she needs time to date and take it really slowly after her breakup with Reggie [Bush].”

Who knows what to believe? Check out the stories for yourself and let me know what you think is really going on with Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin. Which of the stories are true? Also, enjoy these photos and video!

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Photos:, Judy Eddy

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