Sybi Kuchar: Matt Kuchar’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 14, 2010

Sybi Kuchar is PGA Golfer Matt Kuchar’s wife, She is also an awesome tennis player, wonderful mother and last but not least Sybi is utterly hot. Keep reading to know more about her plus check out the photos and video below.

Golf 1

Mrs. Kuchar’s hubby is absolutely rockin’ at the PGA Tour, if he takes this title it will be his best record in 2010 so far, his second best was at the Bob Hope Classic. But for Sybi he is the best ever, title or no title, so let’s check out this supportive Golf Wife, the beautiful Sybi Kuchar.

Sybi Kuchar met her soon to be husband in the 90’s when both were at Georgia Tech and she was known as Sybi Parker, but before love came to her life it was tennis that captured her attention and most of her energy and time.

She was born in St. Simons Island in Georgia on June 1st, 1977 making her age 33 years old, she also has a brother. When she finished high School and got into College she got onto their tennis team where she became one of the best tennis players at Georgia Tech (1996-1999).

After Georgia she moved to San Francisco, but she managed to keep in touch with her friends back home, Matt included. She even found the way to take time away from California to meet up with them at the Homecoming football game.

After some time, actually over three years in Frisco was way too much time, now she was planning to fly back home. once there she reconnected with the golfer and by 2002 they were dating.

They were madly in love, he loved her for all that she was a great friend, a wonderful woman, incredibly beautiful, smart and humble.

Sybi felt unbelievably lucky to be with him, he was all that she ever wanted in a guy, handsome, clever and romantic, she had a taste of the romanticism he was saving on the day he asked her to be his wife.

"Candles and rose petals were all over the ground. They formed a trail all over the house, where every few feet there were candles and pictures of Matt and I from babies up to recent pictures of us together. At the end of the trail was a huge bouquet of flowers and a blown up picture of us standing in front of an old church in Maui. The picture had been made into a light box and you could actually open the door of the church. Behind the door was a ring, lit by the back lights. It was really special." Sybi recalled.

They got married in 2003, for their honeymoon they went to New Zealand, Hawaii and Australia. Four years later they welcomed their son Cameron and some years later Carson came into their lives. She kept playing tennis and sometimes even her hubby joins her, like the time when they played at the USTA National husband/ Wife Doubles Championships, check their picture taken that day here. People talked about this tennis match where they actually won becoming his second victory that year one in golf and that one in tennis. Today they are one of the most solid, happiest and beautiful families on the golf course, plus Sybi is also involved in the PGA Wives Tour where she helps raising funds for Camp Twin Lakes in their non profit. Their amazing work helps children who are ill or with other special needs in areas such as recreational, physical and emotional.

What do you think of Sybi? Do you know any other details about her? Check out the photo and video below.

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Note** The woman in the picture is not Sybi Kuchar.



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