82-Year-Old: Cockfighting Sentence

August 13, 2010

After discovering a terrible injustice on his land, the judge has ruled against Gene Jeffcoat, and 82-year-old. Cockfighting has apparently been happening on his property for about 20 years! For more on this story, including a video, keep reading below the picture.

Cockfighting  1

Courts have never been very kind to people involved in this type of illegal “sport,” we all remember Michael Vick. The sentence that was dished out was a little more lenient due to his numerous health problems, but his punishment is still severe.

Judge Cameron Currie found him guilty and the 82-year-old cockfighting leader was given 5 years of probation, with a one year house detention while wearing an electronic monitor. He also has to pay a $3,000 fine, $300 in court fees and $9,700 in lawyer’s costs. In order to not lose his land, which has been in his family for many generations, he also has to pay $25,000.

Even though that sounds like a lot, it is much lighter than we would normally see for this crime. Jeffcoat suffers from Parkinson’s disease and has recently broken his back. He is also described as having a list of other health issues. According to the judge, he would cost the system too much due to his health but they are not convinced he is regretful. That is why he has to wear the monitor, in case he gets back into his old ways.

“Then perhaps he’s not as infirm as he would want me to believe today. Mr. Jeffcoat appears to be a pretty determined guy, and if there’s a way for him to get up and around, he will get up and around.”

Like I said, this is not a totally uncommon event, and judges are cracking down on these criminals. Another man was just convicted and sentenced to 21 months in prison.

What do you think about Jeffcoat, an 82-year-old cockfighting ring leader? Was the court too lenient or just practical? Do you think he will change his ways? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section, after you check out this video.

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4 Responses to “82-Year-Old: Cockfighting Sentence”

  1. 1
    John Says:

    The sentence is appropriate. Cockfighting exists because of the gambling dollars. When these criminals can win more money than they will pay out if caught, the crime will continue. But the law becomes a deterrent when the penalties offset the potential gain that comes from doing these horrible things.

  2. 2
    Star Says:

    He did the crime, he needs to do time! Age isn’t an excuse for animal cruelty.

  3. 3
    jg Says:

    Cockfighting should be legalized and taxed. In today’s tough economic times this good be a good source of income for local governments. Millions could be made for any state who recognizes legal cockfights are no worse and probably a lot more humane than the fried chicken that is consumed every day. And for those that are scared of the propaganda of other illegal activities associated with cockfights, if legal, off duty law enforcement could be hired by pit operators to make sure nothing illegal happens at the pits. This would also allow off duty police officers a source of extra income on weekends.

  4. 4
    cn Says:

    The judge and this man should be punished. Hope they both rot in “Hell”. They need to know what it’s like to suffer! Where do we find these judges!!