Angie Watson: Bubba Watson’s Wife Biography (Photos, Video)

August 13, 2010

Meet the lovely, beautiful and tall Angie Watson, she is PGA golfer’s Gerry Bubba Watson’s wife. With lives so different and living in totally different environments it was unlikely these two would meet some day, but it is that unlikeness that brought them together. Keep reading to know more about this story and find out more about Angie Watson from her Biography plus don’t miss the photos and videos below.

Angie Watson’s husband is a Floridian and is having one of the greatest moments of his career at the 2010 PGA Championships. His personal life is not great his father is battling with cancer, but he has his long time friend and wife by his side, so who is Angie Watson?

Angie Ball Watson was born in Canada on June 11th, 1977 in Toronto, Canada where she was raised in a Christian home and God became the center of her life. She went to Sir Oliver Mowat High School (SOMCI) in Toronto it was here that her name became popular not just because of her beauty or her long and lean figure (Angie is 6’4” and weights 170lbs.) After her graduation from high school she went to the University of Georgia (1996-1999) where she continued her successful career as an awesome basketball player.

It was at Georgia that she met the handsome golfer guy from Florida who she started dating after some time of knowing each other. Angie became involved with a Christian Athletes association meetings when an injury that never seemed to heal got her really depressed.

She also played with the Canadian National Olympic team and got a chance to represent her country at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Australia.

It was during her time at Georgia with the Lady Bulldogs where she turned out into a powerful leader and among the successful Canadians at the WNBA with Charlotte. But before Charlotte drafted Angie in 2001 she played some time in Italy and France.

When another injury left her off the court she decided to help young basketball female players reach their dream when she joined the Athens-Clarke County Department of Leisure Services and it was here when she decided to create her own basketball camp when she retires.

Angie got married on September 1st, 2004 to her College boyfriend and professional golfer, basketball was over for her due to her injuries so she decided to be her husband’s agent and help him in his career. Later she was chief executive at Bubba Watson Inc. All turned out to be great for both she could be always by his side.

Last Christmas Angie began experiencing strong headaches, not regular migraines big ones that even forced her to get to a hospital, it was after this that her hubby began to worry.

After the doctors did some tests, they were told that they found a tumor on her pituitary gland. The news hit them hard especially him and for a couple of months he was living the worst nightmare of his life to think he could lose his beloved wife.

Thankfully after they got a second opinion, they found out that Angie did not have any tumor in her pituitary gland  it was just swollen, apparently a common thing in tall women.

For her to be next to her dear hubby is not just a blessing, but a chance to coach him especially when he gets a bit angry.

“When I’ve been angry, my wife has yelled at me a few times and said, `Why are you angry? This is what you love to do. When you’re home, when you’re not playing golf, you’re playing golf with all the boys back home. So you love to do this. So why not just go have fun and do it.

Sure it sounds fun to boss your hubby around from time to time, but for Mrs. Watson every moment of her life is a blessing and she can’t help to feel so thankful for every opportunity she ever had.

“I am proud that I have been able to be a supportive wife and be there for my husband," she said. "I am proud that I have been able to accept my short-lived WNBA career and move forward. I believe I would still be playing in the pros had it not been for my injuries, so I am just thankful I have overcome and been able to accept my place in life right now. I’m at peace with where I am and I am glad I get to support my husband. We are a team together.”

Thank God for that second opinion, I wonder what they told the other doctor with the wrong diagnosis. What would you have said if it was you in their situation? What are your comments about Angie Watson? Check out the photo and video below.

Angie Watson Video

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