Daian Pena: Francisco Rodriguez’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 12, 2010

Daian Pena is Francisco Rodriguez aka K-Rod’s Wife, wait not really actually they are not married yet, she is his girlfriend/ fiancée and the mother of his children. It was her father who got into a dispute with the famous player, remember? Keep reading to know this full story and to know more details about Daian Pena plus check out the photos and videos below.

MLB Girlfriend 1

Daian Pena’s boyfriend, or husband if you prefer, was recently involved in a dispute that led to violence on Wednesday August 11 at Citi Field where Daian, along with her father and other player’s families were at after New York’s loss 6-2 to the Colorado Rockies. According to reports the player was furious when he didn’t get to play in the last innings, he left cursing the media and the worst part was left for his father in-law.

Apparently nobody really heard what exactly happened before K-Rod hit 53 year old Carlos Pena who was allegedly dragged in a tunnel next to the Mets’ family Lounge, he was hit in the face and banged against the wall with his head. He was taken in an ambulance to the hospital where he was treated with face bruises, swelling and a cut on his eyebrow.

Daian’s beau was taken into arrest and charged with third degree assault, he was released the next day without pay. At Queens Courthouse he was ordered to stay away from his father in law as well as from Ms. Pena, he must get his things from their house before Saturday. The Mets suspended him for two days without pay.

She said that she was with her father at the lounge when her boyfriend allegedly asked to take his father outside, making this impossible for the other families at the lounge to see what exactly happened. She later described how the events went and that he only allegedly stopped hitting her father when security got there.

Daian Pena is also from Venezuela, where she used to live with her famous boyfriend. She also got a restraining order against him while they lived there. She left her country and moved to the United States where she was now living with her then again longtime boyfriend now fiancée, their 11 month old twins and her father.

Last September 14th, 2009 Daian gave birth to her twins Francisco Jr. and Angeline Rodriguez in New York, her boyfriend missed his game against Atlanta to be with her and their children.

What do you think about this story? What are your thoughts about Daian Pena? Check out the photo and video below.

*Note* the woman in the picture is not Daian Pena.

MLB Girlfriend 1 2

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