Yasmile Santana: Johan Santana’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 11, 2010

Yasmile Santana is the long time and beautiful wife of New York Mets Johan Santana. She is a gorgeous woman, loving mother and fantastic person, would you like to know more about her? What did Mrs. Santana say after her husband’s sexual abuse scandal? Keep reading to find out more about Yasmile Santana plus check out her photo and videos below.

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Yasmile Santana’s husband is one of the Mets best pitchers and in the MLB overall. He is also Venezuela’s dearest sons, along with Yasmile and their foundation they bring hope to millions of people in their beloved country but also in their new home in the U.S which is why when he was charged with sexual abuse in June the world was shocked. Certainly this terrible news came like a missile to Mrs. Santana who for years has come to know her husband even more than he knows himself, more devastating was when he admitted that he cheated on her with that woman. At this point, concern began to increase, was Yasmile going to file for divorce?

For the moment there are no sings of a possible split or divorce from the Santanas, but the damage was done. Her wound was still open. When more news about that woman who accused her husband of allegedly raping and getting the woman pregnant (and she gave a full detailed description of the event), that tainted Yasmile’s 12 year marriage.

Venezuela is famous for its beautiful women, Yasmile Garcia is no exception. Ever since she was a little girl it was evident that she would grow up to be a gorgeous woman, but at age nine little Yasmile didn’t care less how she would turn out or what she looked like, she was playing and having a blast with her best friend who would be her husband when they both grew up.

She was not even 20 when she got married and became Yasmile Santana. Two years later (2000) she was leaving her beloved Venezuela and family to join her husband in the United Stated when he was drafted by the Minnesota Twins. Two more years later she became the mother of her daughter Yasmily, who by the time she was almost three years old (2005) became the big sister of her sister Jasmine Alejandra at the Edina’s Fairview Southdale Hospital, she weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces.

Yasmile gave birth to her third child and only son Johan Alexander Jr. who was born on April 14, 2009, he weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces. Yasmile Santana and her beautiful family live in Miromar Lakes in Fort Myers, Florida. Check out the video below that will show you how she and her hubby deliver medical equipment in their homeland Tovar in Venezuela, the woman in the picture above is not Mrs. Santana but you can check out her picture here.

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