Kelly Sotherton: British Heptathlete Biography (Photos, Video)

August 11, 2010

Kelly Sotherton is a beautiful, talented Olympic medalist, she is one of Great Britain’s best heptathletes. Keep reading to know more about her from her biography below plus check out Kelly Sotherton’s photos and video right here!

Kelly Sotherton

Kelly Sotherton Picture

Kelly Sotherton is among other important names classified as Britain’s best athletes, plus one thing that gets Kelly on a total different status of hotness is that she has the best bum in the Olympics, some people have even called her the Olympic Beyonce. And what does this sexy heptathlete have to say about her perfect derrière?

"Yeah, my bum – look, I watch what I eat, especially when I’m preparing for competition. I’m not big, but I’ve been four kilos lighter than I am now and it still wobbles. I can’t get rid of it. ‘Every woman has a part of their body that they can’t change. I get it from my mum. Even when I’m fit, toned, strong and doing deep squats, it still wobbles."

But it is not just her posterior that makes Kelly absolutely hot, at 5’11” and 140 pounds this fit Brit has driven fans crazy, although there was a time when Kelly Sotherton’s good looks and remarkable sports talents got her in trouble when jealous girls at school picked on her and even wanted to beat her, and do you know how she got away from them? Well, simple – she ran and nobody could reach her.

Kelly wouldn’t say that she was bullied at school because of her looks or skills (English School titles 1992, 1994 and AAA under 20 title on 1995), but we are absolutely sure those girls were deathly jealous.

Kelly Jade Sotherton was born in Newport, Ile of Wright, Great Britain on November 13th, 1976 making her 33 years old. It’s not sure if she ever knew who her father is  or was but it was her loving mother Yvonne who raised her.

She started her career in sports when she just a teenager but it wasn’t just in the heptathlon, she was also an awesome swimmer and volleyball player, plus she also was part of the Hampshire Netball team.

After she graduated from Ryde High School she went to Uxbridge in West London where she got into Brunel University. Kelly found it hard to take time from training and her job at the debt collecting company subdivision from HSBC. After a while she decided to quit the bank and focus on her training, she became part of Birchfield Harriers athletic club along with other famous athletes like Katharine Merry (sprinter), Denise Lewis (Heptathlon) who was also trained by Kelly’s coach Van Commenee.

Kelly Sotherton’s first appearance at the Olympics was part of the English Olympic Team at the 2004 Olympics in Athens where she won her first Bronze medal, the silver medal came at the 2005 European Indoor Championships in Madrid and it was at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia that she won her first gold medal.

She placed fifth at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing but Liudmyla Blonska from Ukraine who won the silver tested positive for steroids. Sotherton, who was not surprised at all by the Ukraine’s results was upgraded to the fourth place. 2009 was supposed to be a great year for Kelly but a heel injury left her medal less, another injury this time on her back affected her this year and made her decide to quit the heptathlon this year and stick with track, while she focused on her recovery and getting ready for London 2012.

Kelly is a spokesperson for Splenda and created her own workout video and collaborates with Johnson & Johnson, she is also a huge Arsenal fan.

Let’s hope she is fully recovered from all her injuries and we will be watching more of her in London 2012, meanwhile we can see some of Kelly Sotherton’s photos and video here while you can share with us your comments about this sexy British Athlete.

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Kelly Sotherton Pictures

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