Johan Santana Civil Lawsuit

August 11, 2010

Baseball star Johan Santana civil lawsuit is underway! An unidentified woman who accuses the NY Mets pitcher of rape has filed a suit against the player. Find out more details and see photos and a video right here!

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A woman who has accused Johan Santana of rape has now filed a civil lawsuit against the NY Mets pitcher. Is the ball in her park? Be sure to check out pictures and videos below.

According to court documents, a “Jane Doe” filed a suit against Johan Santana on Tuesday claiming the NY Mets pitcher allegedly raped her on October 27, 2009 in Fort Myers, Florida. The reported victim says that Johan “lured her by use of false pretenses to a remote, outdoor area” near the baseball ace’s home. This is where the alleged altercation took place and the unidentified woman says she “begged him to stop”.

As a result from the alleged assault, the woman apparently became pregnant but later miscarried. In a recent statement released by Jane Doe’s lawyer, the woman who identifies herself as a 35 year-old single mother of two states:

“I had thought I was going to play tennis with a man who up to that point had been nothing but friendly to me and my kids. After 10 months of emotional turmoil from the assault, losing the baby and watching him go unprosecuted, I have realized this difficult step is the only way Mr. Santana will be held accountable.”

Jane Doe filed the civil suit in Lee County and alleges wrongful imprisonment and rape. She is seeking damages amounting up to $15,000.

NY Mets pitcher says of the suit following Tuesday’s win:

“It’s still the same, I won’t comment. It’s a legal matter. The truth will come out. I’m just gonna wait and see but I can’t give any further comment at this time. I told you from the beginning I’m not going to comment any further. We’ve been aware of all of this. I’m just going to leave it at that.”

Fair enough. How do you think the Johan Santana civil lawsuit will play out? Even though the baseball star has admitted to having sex with the unidentified woman, he says it was consensual. Hopefully, the ball is in his park. Let the games begin!

Tell us what you think of these allegations. Really, what are Jane Doe’s intentions? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box. Also, see photos and a video below.

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