Geraldine O’Neill is Martin O’Neill’s Wife (Photos, Video)

August 10, 2010

Geraldine McGrath also known as Geraldine O’Neill is the fantastic and loving wife of Martin O’Neill. She is not only a wonderful wife and amazing mother, but a remarkable fighter, her battle with cancer has given many people hope and strength. Follow us to the life of this beautiful woman and check out Geraldine’s photos and videos below.

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Geraldine’s hubby is one of the best soccer coaches in the world and one of Ireland’s most remarkable and dearest players, his former teams remember their dear coach  with joy and respect. Some time ago he announced his retirement from coaching the Celtics to take care of his beloved wife Geraldine who was diagnosed with Lymphoma, who for many years she has been his best friend, big support, biggest fan. So is his resignation from Aston Villa due to her health, is she sick again?

Thank God Geraldine is not sick and apparently her hubby’s decision to leave is merely professional, but let’s find out more about her.

Geraldine McGrath was born in Kilrea, County Derry in Ireland in 1955, she is now 55 years old, three years older than her hubby who like her, was born there. The couple didn’t know each other even though the city’s small population. It wasn’t until she was 15 years old that Geraldine met him when she attended a soccer match at their hometown. When both saw each other it was love at first sight, although they didn’t meet each other that day.

A few days later they saw each other again, it was at church but they didn’t talk to each other, wave or anything like that. Luckily for them someone who witnessed the sparks between them asked the priest to introduce them and so their love story began.

“Geraldine is beautiful and Martin could hardly take his eyes off her even though he was playing football. But they were too shy then to say hello, so someone had a word with the priest and he introduced them. It was love at first sight.”

After dating for some time, actually 10 years, Geraldine, who was working at Nottingham hospital as a nurse quit her job when they got married in 1979 in Kilrea.

Geraldine O’Neill became a mother in 1981 to her daughter Aisling and just two years later Alana was born. Geraldine was a regular at her husband’s games, she was a great support and adviser.

Even though they were constantly on the move from city to city, the one that she thinks of as home is their house at High Wycombe where they can be normal and nobody would bother them.

In 2004 at age 49 Geraldine O’Neill was diagnosed with Lymphoma a severe and common kind of cancer that attacks women more than men. They kept her illness a secret and after going under treatment she was cancer free on October, 2004, but in 2005 the cancer returned. Her husband resigned from his job with Celtic to take care of her.

“I am sorry to be departing the club in such circumstances. But I felt it was the correct thing to do for someone who has stood with me for all this length of time, so I’ll give her some time back. Regardless of how hard a decision it has been to resign, I think it is the right decision. Now is the time to be with Geraldine. She has stood by me for all this time, so I will give her some time back."

Even sick as she was Geraldine was by his side when he received the OBE at Buckingham Palace, just like she will join her law loving hubby when he attended court trials where terrible killers will be sentenced.

It was reported that Geraldine received a stem cell transplant that helped her beat her cancer and after her health improved he returned back to work, this time with Aston Villa.

It is not sure how Geraldine McGrath aka O’Neill’s health is at this moment, we hope with our hearts she is doing great. Check out the Picture of Geraldine’s family on the day her hubby was in the news when he appealed over a CT scanner that was way too old that was being used at Glasgow’s Beatson Oncology Center.

Tell us, do you know any recent information about Geraldine? Would you like to express your wishes or thought to her? Check out the photos and video below.

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