Jacqueline Rice: Jerry Rice’s Ex-Wife (Photos, Video)

August 9, 2010

The Beautiful Jacqueline Rice or Jackie Rice as many people know her, is Hall of famer and former NFL player Jerry Rice’s Ex-wife. What is going on in her life these days? Was her name mentioned by her ex at the Hall of fame ceremony? Are they back together? Keep reading to know all the answers to these and more questions plus check out Jacqueline Rice’s photo and video below.

Jacqueline Rice

Jacqueline Rice Picture

well, yes Jacqueline Rice was indeed mentioned by her ex now Hall of Famer and former San Francisco 49er wide Receiver. After all she played an important role during his NFL career, but they are not getting back together at least not now, so let’s find out more about Mrs. Rice.

Jacqueline Bernice Mitchell grew up in Greenville, Mississippi surrounded by the love and care of her parents that watched over her and her sister.

Jacqueline went to Greenville High School, where her father was also a coach at GHS. Jackie was part of the cheerleadering squad where she was admired by everyone, not just because she was drop dead gorgeous, she was a fantastic cheerleader, a kind, down to earth and smart friend.

It’s not clear when exactly did she meet the fabulous football player but by the time she was at college in Southern Miss where she was studying pre med, soon Jackie found out that she was pregnant.

Jacqueline became the mother of her beautiful girl Jaqui Bonet on June 7, 1987 and then they got married on September 8th, 1987. From that day on she became the absolutely fabulous Jacqueline Rice. Check out this picture of the young couple.

Her dear son Jerry Jr. was born on July 27th, 1991 and finally Jada Symone on May 16th, 1996. It was during Jeda’s birth that Jackie nearly died due to intense bleeding and the month that she was in a coma, followed by more months in a wheelchair. Jacqueline love to spend time with her children who grew up not just seeing her as their wonderful mother, but  best friend.

Sadly one of NFL’s most loved couple, who always showed the great love and support for one another announced that after 23 years they would file for divorce, that was back in December, 2007. Rumors about him cheating and a paternity suit against him  were heard, but nothing was 100% sure.

Jacqueline remained close to her husband even though they were separated, for her the most important thing were her children and the same for him.

"We’re not a couple anymore, but we’re a team, and our goal as a team is to make sure our kids are great," Jacqueline said.

When her eldest Jacqui decided to become a singer her parents joined forces and created Jerry & Jacqueline Rice Entertainment, Inc where Jackie is President and founder, who represent Jacqui’s career.

Jacqui released her album Luv ‘N Life under her artistic name “Qui”. While  son Jerry Jr. graduated from High School in 2009 and got into UCLA and is also a football player like his dad. Jada is about to graduate from Menlo High School where she also plays basketball, volleyball and softball.

Jacqueline Rice resides in Atherton, California, where she stays close to her children, works at her company and even after all this hard work manages to look fabulous. I mean just check her pictures right here, she is so beautiful and I heard that even after her life changed dramatically from the one she had at Greenville, Jackie still is that sweet, mature, kind and smart cheerleader from GHS.

What do you think about her? Share your comments or additional information about her with us on the comments box below and don’t forget to check Jacqueline Rice‘s photos and video below.

Jackie Mitchell RiceJacqueline Mitchell RiceJackie Rice

Jacqueline Rice Pictures

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